Home Alone (Day 1)

My parents, who left today on a vacation, have little to no faith in me when it comes to me being by myself. Every day until they get home I’ll write a small entry to prove that I did the things I was supposed to and hopefully that’ll result in some gained trust, which will be useful for the next time they leave… you know, since I’ll be inviting half the city and burn everything down (just kidding).

Day 1

[X] Emptied the mailbox.

[X] I won’t be home that much today actually. I’m going to my girlfriend’s to celebrate her graduating about a week ago.

[X] Shut all windows before I left.

[X] No damages.


Lennart Hansen:

Did you forget the fishes? :-)


They were already taken care of before my parents left, but thanks for checking. ;-)

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