Silent Hill

I finally went to see Silent Hill last night. It has taken this long for two reasons:

1: My local cinema decided that they wanted to people to see shit like the Poseidon movie. I’m guessing it’s bad anyway, because that’s all I’ve heard.

2: I’m a huge fan of Silent Hill, but didn’t know if I really wanted to go to Copenhagen just for that, since it’s gonna be out on DVD soon anyway. I mean it’s only here in Denmark that it took this long for the movie to actually premier (June 23).

That being said it was an awesome experience! I had severe doubts about the movie at first because games to movie adaptions rarely succeed. But I was smiling a lot during the two hours. I honestly have no idea how a person who don’t know and love the Silent Hill universe sees this movie, but I saw greatness. When Rose picked up the flashlight, when familiar music (the car ride with the SH3 song Letter From Lost Days, which reminded me A LOT of when Douglas drove Heather to Silent Hill) by the ingenius Akira Yamaoka would set in, looking at maps and seeing familiar street names and the nurses and a lot more were all surreal to see on-screen.

Now if only they would make Silent Hill 2 into a movie that would be just perfect. A sequel with new characters would be cool as long, as long as there’ll be more of this I’m happy, but I really don’t know if the movie has done that well. Can’t wait for the DVD release come August.. screw Danish subtitles, it probably won’t arrive here until around Christmas or something.

Rose cannot accept the medical diagnosis that her daughter, who suffers nightmarish trances in which she refers to the town of Silent Hill, is going insane. Over the protests of her husband, she flees with her child, Sharon, to Silent Hill seeking answers for her daughter’s condition. It is revealed that the town had been evacuated thirty years earlier due to an unstoppable (and still burning) underground coal fire, and that Sharon was likely born there. A local motorcycle cop named Sybil ends up pursuing Rose and Sharon into the outskirts of the abandoned and cordoned off town on a rainy night, where they suffer simultaneous “wipe-outs” and black out. Rose awakens to find that everything is lit by an unearthly, luminous mist and that her daughter is gone from her SUV. Following what she thinks is her daughter’s silhouette all over town, Rose is lured to a group of horrific creatures and blacks out again to the sound of a wailing emergency-alert siren–just as the creatures have gotten a good grip on her..

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I was wondering how you made those gif pictures i love those moving pictures!


Glad you enjoyed them. :-)

But, sorry to disappoint you.. I didn’t make them myself, but found them somewhere.

You can check out this link to find out how you can do it yourself:


well those pictures above how did you get the edges off?


Well I simply used Photoshop & ImageReady to get rounded corners.


is it free?


Not by a long mile. Photoshop costs $649 and can be bought here:

It includes ImageReady by the way.


Ohh.. forgot to mention that others programs will do the same.

GIMP is probably your best (free) option out there. ;-)


I liked the film to an extent, but I can respect that not everyone liked it. It was a lot like the first game in terms of story and stuff. But, if they do a sequel, I hope they do something like Silent Hill 3 or even The Room. While The Room had weak gameplay, it had a gripping plot that made up for it all.


Hi Dennis, I was wondering if is there any animated Silent Hill movie, such those Resident Evil ones.

Greetings from Costa Rica

P.D. Love your site and info.


The next Silent Hill film is out next year! :-)

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