The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 13

Episode 13, while not as good as the the recent episodes, was really good and I think that a more character driven episode was perfect, although that sure was a lot of talking! Once again I was amazed by the much superior animation, compared to other animes (that I’ve seen at least) out there. I like how the anime started out a bit crazy, but it seems to be taking a more melancholic and serious approach lately and give us a “slice of life”, which I’ve seen numerous fans out there say about episode 9 and 12 in particular. I just can’t believe there’s only one episode left and I’ve already seen the ending (episode 9), so I wonder why they chose episode 14 (chronologically episode 6) to be the final episode. I guess I’d know if I had read the novels, which I ultimately will. Haruhi is simply too freaking good.

Also found a scan of a two page Newtype article about Haruhi.

I like how the text below forms a cross. Another Evangelion homage maybe? Anyway, it’s the final episode.. sigh..


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