Some Orange Days Website Stats

To my surprise I’ve been properly indexed on Alexa. And by “properly” I mean with more details than the link to my site.

Below 350.000 in traffic rank, yay! It’s gonna change drastically the next time it gets updated, and not for the better unfortunately.

I’d really wish it would continue to grow like that though. I mean 1.8 million up in traffic rank sounds pretty nice, even though I’m well aware that it’s because of the Teen Buzz story I posted a while ago.

Below are the graphs I usually look at, and it’s not that hard to see in which month that story took off either. Well the traffic got insane twice actually… on May 26 and then again on June 13.

It’s kinda crazy how much traffic that story generated. As of this writing there’s probably been around 150.000 unique hits on the Teen Buzz mp3 on this blog. Doesn’t look like I’ve been doing anything all those other months though. :-P


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