Gallery #8

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I love this girl… much.


Such a beautifull woman! :-P¨


ouch! ;)


i think i have to learn more japanese :)


dude ashome collection of photos realy cool congrats


Thanks everybody, I hope to do more of these galleries soon. ;-)


BTW, do you know her name? Thanks


Dude.. awesome pic’s but seriously, what is the name of the girl in the above pic? cos I think I’m in love lol. :(


Her name is Ai Otsuka.


I was wondering who Japanese Girl 2 was. Is she also Ai Otsuka? Thanks


v3ry cute & beautiful


nice collection! =)
how trippy was ace ventura


hi cool japanese girl


Japanese girl cool i naj


The angelic girl is a cos-player of a female protagonist produced from “Chobits” - a popular anime from the studio CLAMP.


In replies to reader questions, the Japanese girl pictured in “Gallery #8″ was identified as Ai Otsuka. She was also identified as “Girl 2″ depicted in costume as Chi (Chii) in CHOBITS.

In a picture of the same girl–possibly found in “” and designed by Mr. Saru “Webmaster” (?)–the girl IS identified as (a) “CHOBIT Chi,” as also suggested above.

The question then arises: Was Miss Otsuka actually a (the) CHOBIT model for Chi by CLAMP? Do you know? The CHOBIT story says that Chi (also Chii) was a girl, a “persocom,” of about “fifteen or sixteen” years of age. It happens that Miss Otsuka, born in 1982, would have been about that same age when the story was written and illustrated by CLAMP in the later 1990s, and published in 2001.

Or, is the above just happenstance supposition that Miss Otsuka MAY have been a (the) Chi model? As a model, Miss Otsuka’s fame would have been before she became known as a well known singer and actress; beginning in 2003.

Thank you for any input. Sincerely, Ken.


I have no idea at all, sorry - I hope anybody else out there might be of help? :-/


Since Miss Ai Otsuka is such a popular young singer with three albums already, fourteen singles, a number of DVDs and Photobooks, her own radio show, and one who writes for Japanese magazines, that she and a staff keep up on all of her publicity. The latter would include blogs on the internet.

Yours, likely, was brought to Miss Otsuka’s attention when her lovely “angelic” picture first appeared and causing the above complimentary comments and curiosity in her identity. That Ai Otsuka DID pose as Chi for CHOBIT style photographs the questions above naturally occur. Did she ever actually sit as a CHOBIT model?

Maybe through knowlege of the interests raised on “Orange Day” the word will get to Miss Otsuka’s further attention and that she will offer either a simple “yes” or “no” for an answer though, if true, hopefully elucidate on the matter for curious readers.

Sincerely, Ken


My January 8 letter above cited as a source of Otsuka/Chobit related pictures. For anyone further interested in the matter the below are more complete addresses though I find them sometimes difficult to reach; depending in my case–so it seems–upon the whims of a particularly contrary Server. Sometimes I get the pictures as I did this afternoon but at other times I don’t like tonight. So if at first someone doesn’t succeed getting the Kikugamo images with a his or her Server then try again other times as I do.

The four images depict Miss Otsuka in the costumes of CHOBIT’s “Chi,” and Kikugamo’s Chobits “2″ and “3″ are the same as Orange Day’s “Angelic Anime Girl” and “Angelic Anime Girl 2″ (clicked-on above beneath the “Gallery #8″ picture) but with Kikugamo’s informative addition of “CHOBIT” titles. The two images without titles also appear in Pocketbook’s depictions of CHOBIT’s “Chi.”

Perhaps the countenance of the two “Angelic Girls” pictured in “Orange Days” suggests the youthful teen-aged appearance of Miss Otsuka when the CHOBIT story was illustrated ten years ago. Miss Otsuka now twenty-four would, then, have been fourteen, but with no other support than the Kikugamo pictures relating Miss Otsuka to CHOBIT’s “Chi” it is only a supposition that, maybe, she DID sit for the CLAMP illustrations. She did, unquestionably, pose for the four pictures.

Sincerely, Ken

Tsukiko Amano:

Excuse i was wondering if i can use the images of the Chobit girl/Chi for my rp that i am doing i was looking on the internet for a picture of someone to use as the character, and i instantly fell in love with the pics, so can i please use them for the rp i’m doing… please e-mail me if i can or cannot

thanks a bunch.!!! ^.^



Sure you can. I don’t exactly own them though, but I don’t see why not.


Oh man she is just so beautifull, the image of my perfect woman.


Who is she? I just find it in the Google. She is pretty.


What is ‘the image’ in the ‘Can you see the image?’ picture? :( ?


The filename gives it away: “Stereogram_Tut_Animated_Shark_Small.gif” ;-)

Although I must admit it can be hard to see :-/


All of images are good and very nice thank you . I think i need to learn the japanese!!


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AiChérie is beautiful.


Cool, TY


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Who is the girl labeled as Japanese Girl #2, or stunning_japanese_girl.jpg?

I couldn’t infer clearly from the responses whether this is also Ai Otsuka.


Alfredo Mercado:

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Japanee photo girl

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who is the “stunning japanese girl” ?


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