The Boy From Hell

Hideshi Hino’s Theater Of Horror - The Boy From Hell

There are 6 mini-movies in this Japanese horror series from 2004 all based on work by legendary manga artist Hideshi Hino. They last about 50 minutes each and are directed by 6 different talented directors such as Yoshihiro Nakamura (”Honogurai mizuno sokokara” (Dark Water) screenplay), Mari Asato (”Ring” Hiroshi Takahashi, screenplay) and Koji Shiraishi (”Hontouni atta! Noroi no Video Series, director).

I think these mini movies are either something people will love or hate. I quickly noticed that some scenes looked kinda cheap and I chuckled at a few things, but all in all the end result came out surprisingly good and the only way I can describe it is by saying that if there is such a thing as a good crappy then this is the one. I really enjoyed it.

I’m gonna blog about the rest as I watch them.

A mysterious old woman appears before Setsu, who has recently lost her only child in a tragic accident. She says she can bring Setsu’s son, Daio back to life. To Setsu’s horror, Daio returns to her, half decomposed, inhuman. To make him human again, he needs fresh human organs. Setsu does everything she can to reincarnate her son, but Daio just turns into a different kind of monster. No one can stop him as he continues to feed his hunger, producing victim after victim. Soon, a detective becomes suspicious and pays Setsu a visit…

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