Marathon Collector’s Edition + OST

Marathon was a runaway hit (pun intended) when it was released in Korea in 2005 staying no. 1 at the box office for 9 weeks and was watched by more than 5 million people. It also earned 6 awards at the 42nd Daejong (Grand Bell) Film Festival including “Best Picture”.

I bought the movie on a blind buy, admittedly intrigued by the beautiful box art of the Collector’s Edition (limited to 3000 copies) as seen below, which includes the following: OST CD + Scenario Book + Post Cards + Towel.

Also known as Running Boy, this poignant human drama tells the story of the relationship between a young autistic man named Cho Won (Cho Seung Woo) and his doting mother, Kyong Sook (Kim Mi Sook). Although Cho Won may be twenty years old, he has little more than a childlike understanding of the world. Believing that he enjoys running, Kyong Sook enters Cho Won into a variety of races, and soon decides that her son should compete in a marathon, hoping he’ll achieve something every amateur runner dreams of: completing the race in less than three hours. But are these high ambitions for her son’s benefit or her own? Does Cho Won truly enjoy running or has he been “trained” to agree with his mother’s demands?

Marathon is one of the better feel-good movies I’ve watched. I have only watched it once and think I might watch it again soon now that it’s summer again. I especially liked the bond between the mother and Cho Won, but some parts dragged on a bit.

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My grandson has autism. I read about this movie in a book titled “Unstrange Minds” and would like to know where I can find a copy to purchase.

Thank you,
Franny Brill


How sweet of you to go track this down then. :-)

You can buy three different versions from YesAsia, but it’s only the two below that has English subtitles.

Hong Kong:


I hope that helped.

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