Battle Royale US Remake

I was reading Kendra’s blog and just found out that there will be a remake of Battle Royale since the rights were bought by New Line Cinema. I had heard that there might be a remake eventually but never expected something to actually happen! No director has been found, but as Kendra suggests Quintin Tarantino would without a doubt be the best choice, since he’s a good director and truly loves the original - I saw that when I saw a commercial for Battle Royale, which was shown in Japan where they had mixed the original commercial with clips of him giving his opinion about the movie.

From AintItCoolNews:

Allegedly it’s going to be an extremely Hard R - serious-minded Americanization of BATTLE ROYALE.

I’m SUPER excited about the movie. For one reason and that’s not that I think that this will be a good movie. I’ll watch it as soon as I can, but the reason I’m anxious to see this project progress is that I want more people to know about my favorite movie. Thanks to the recent horror remakes of Dark Water, The Ring (and more on the way!) more people now know about the original and much better Japanese versions and I’d like to see the same thing happen with Battle Royale.



I always hated american remakes of japanese productions because they are derivative and just lame XD But in other hand as you said more ppl will be able to know such great movies from Japan as Battle Royale for example, so now I can say that’s somehow good ;) Unless ppl don’t only watch lame american remake D: And yeah BR kick ass!>XD

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