New Plugins

I’m constantly trying to improve the site in one way or another. Recently I’ve updated 1 plugin and added 2 new ones.

Subscribe To Comments (2.0.4)

I’ve noticed that on a lot of sites you could choose to subscribe to any post and would then receive an e-mail if there was a new comment. Pretty sweet. I’ve noticed one problem in subscribing though and that is that you’ll also be notified if a spam comment is added, AND… that brings me to the next newly added plugin.

Askismet (1.15)

Oh, boy. I should’ve installed Akismet fucking ages ago! It’s already one of my favorite plugins out there because it saves me around 15 minutes a day of doing something that has really gotten on my nerves lately: reading, deleting and approving spam. In the last 2-3 days since I installed it has already taken care of over 500+ spam comments for me. Now I really can concentrate only on blogging. Nice.

Anarchy Media Player - Updated (1.0)

The plugin still says 1.0 for some reason, but now I can also embed .wmv to the site! Check it out by clicking the image below. Besides playing .wmv is also plays .mov and .flv, so now I just need avi, mpg and swf (if that’s even possible) support and I’d be extremely pleased. But so far it’s the best media player plugin for Wordpress that I have seen.

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