The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 10

Unfortunately I wasn’t home most of yesterday so I couldn’t watch my weekly doze of Haruhi, but I got home around 3 hours ago, downloaded the episode, watched it and have now put up some screenshots. There are some spoilers in them though.

What a fucking great episode! In the plot this episode is actually 4 by the way. The contrast to last week’s episode is overwhelming. In last week’s episode nothing seemed to happened some of the time. There even was a 3 minute scene of Yuki turning pages as she reads with some background noise in the background, it was good though don’t get me wrong, mostly because of the cute ending and overall atmosphere. But this week’s episode was just plain awesome. They even took out the opening to fill the episode with more awesomeness and strange and cool things. Man that fight was ridiculously cool with the techno-ish beat providing viewers with a pure adrenaline rush.

I loved it.

Next week’s episode 11 is really episode 13. As usual I can’t freaking wait for that one either.


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