Love In Akihabara

I love Akihabara. I have never been there, but dammit I love it (heck, I even have integrated news from Akihabara News in the sidebar), because it simply looks like geek heaven. Here’s a video of a guy, who’ve obviously trained for ages playing Taiko: Drum Master, getting a pretty girl’s attention, which he doesn’t seem to mind at all (duh!).

Click image to watch video.

Taiko: Drum Master (U.S. title) or Taiko no tatsujin (太鼓の達人; Taiko master) is a drumming game for the arcade and PlayStation 2. A drum simulating the taiko is played in time with music. It is made by Namco, and Japanese and North American versions are available.



A man playing game is playing in his world.
Nobody can stop him.But a people arround him
take his play into account

Love Hater Kazumi:

Ahahahaha…I want to go to Akihabara, too. It’s just one of those names that rolls off of your tongue. I’d like to just stay there all day and play games and watch other people play.

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