Silent Hill

I finally went to see Silent Hill last night. It has taken this long for two reasons:
1: My local cinema decided that they wanted to people to see shit like the Poseidon movie. I’m guessing it’s bad anyway, because that’s all I’ve heard.
2: I’m a huge fan of Silent Hill, but didn’t know […]


The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 13

Episode 13, while not as good as the the recent episodes, was really good and I think that a more character driven episode was perfect, although that sure was a lot of talking! Once again I was amazed by the much superior animation, compared to other animes (that I’ve seen at least) out there. […]

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Bullet Time Effect With Kids

I wasn’t expecting anything when I read that some kids had made some Matrix-inspired bullet time clips, but it actually looks surprisingly good! Below are all 4 clips in case their site goes down since the link was posted on (Check out the new and imho improved digg v3 by the way. […]

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Eric Conveys An Emotion

I just found out about this site and think it’s pretty funny to go through all the pics of emotions this guy show here. There’s just about every emotion and situation on the site you could think of from happiness, sadness, sneeze coming, faked surprise, just caught doing wrist exercise and intense Playstation face […]

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Some Orange Days Website Stats

To my surprise I’ve been properly indexed on Alexa. And by “properly” I mean with more details than the link to my site.

Below 350.000 in traffic rank, yay! It’s gonna change drastically the next time it gets updated, and not for the better unfortunately.
I’d really wish it would continue to grow like that though. […]

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What I’m Listening To #8

I usually list 5 songs I’m enjoying at the moment, but this time around there’s simply too many for me to choose from. So here’s 10 songs including samples of what I listen to:
DJ Morales - Sarah (Spanenglish Edit)
This song reminds me a lot of the hit “Guilia”, but with the name Sarah instead… […]

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Gravity Waves Over Iowa

A beautiful weather event, which can be referred to as gravity waves occured over Iowa tuesday. Spectators said that it looked like something from the movie Independence Day and that they almost expected spaceships to show. I would love to see this kind of thing here in Denmark, it really looks beautiful… also a […]

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New 3D Way To Desktop

I was pretty impressed by this demonstration of a 3D desktop environment.
BumpTop aims to enrich the desktop metaphor with expressive, lightweight techniques found in the real world.

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What I’ve Been Working On

So I guess I’m pretty much done finishing the new layout and navigation in my Pictures section. Nearly 9 months have passed since I started this blog and I’m finally starting to be somewhat satisfied with what I’m seeing. I’m not quite there yet though. I’m looking for that wholesome feel I guess… which […]

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Gallery #8

Amazing Jump | Angelic Anime Girl | Angelic Anime Girl 2 | Battle Royale Video Instruction Girl | Japanese Girl (My Current Wallpaper) | Japanese Girl 2 | Can You Say No To These Eyes? | Cool Cat | Cool Fight | Dog On Bike | GTA: Vice City Cool Stunt | Jim Carrey […]


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