Mona Lisa Made From Computer Parts

“Technology Smiling” is the name of this artwork made from hundreds of computer parts, which was recently exhibitioned in Beijing.




hi,Denies :)
I am Jack(and Vulture hotel), do you remember me?
I buy a new domain name& hosting.

wonderful to comment you here.
and wonderful to seeee your this site is being more powerful and profuse !

have you been to beijing recently ?


Hi Jack, yes of course I remember you:-)

Just didn’t know you had a new website up and running, which looks awesome by the way (I’m linking to it on my frontpage now).

And thanks for the comment. But, sorry to disappoint you, but if you follow the link under the picture you’ll see that I didn’t take the picture. But I thought it looked awesome, so wanted to share..


yeah, you are right.
the photo isn’t taken by you. i am so negligent :(

i don’t know why there are some visiting troubles on your this website, and sometimes i can’t visit your site at all .

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