“Boredom!” Theme

I changed my theme just a few weeks ago from K2 to Unsleepable and has now switched to Boredom!, which I think looks better in a way. It’s more fresh, happy and has this overall good clean feeling to it in my opinion. BUT, and it’s a big but… I had gotten so used to the tweaks and pre-customized part of K2 that I didn’t realize how dependent I was on it. Unsleepable was basically a K2 mod, but now with this new theme I have to do a lot of things myself and have been working on it all day, which is kinda sad as I’m not even sure yet if I’ll keep it. I just don’t like how deep I was into K2 to make it sound overly dramatic. Some plugins don’t work right now and I really miss the Noteworthy and Asides plugins already, but I managed to set up the Extended Live Archives, which is my favorite plugin and in my opinion it actually looks much better now. I’ll try to implement some buttons in the header for easier navigation really soon. But I’m done for today..

Oh yeah and the header is pretty temporary right now, so I’ll try to make it prettier (or maybe get help from somewhere), but I’m going for a tribute to Yotsuba&!, which is my favorite manga.

But overall the theme is growing on me already, maybe it’s because I’ve gotten my hands dirty and been digging into the code and spent several hours on it and don’t want to think it’s all been for nothing, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I simply find it refreshing and clean and really like how orange and green go together. I’ll try to improve on it a bit tomorrow (although I probably won’t have much time for it as I’m gonna go visit a friend) and definitely saturday.

UPDATE: Turns out that I missed a lot of the old functionalities and plugins, so I’m back with the “Unsleepable” theme… and will hopefully stick with this one for a while. I do, however wanna make some changes to the layout. I just don’t know what yet.


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