Suicide Circle

Intrigued by the controversial opening scene of Suicide Circle (aka Suicide Club), where 50+ schoolgirls throw themselves in front of a train making for one of the bloodiest scenes I’ve ever watched, I decided to give the movie a go after having wanted to watch if for such a long time. What I ended up with after watching it was a mixed bag. Some scenes were really cool and spectacular, but some seemed to drag on for too long with the whole investigation and were a bit boring from time to time and some were almost too gross and made me a bit uncomfortable, which is a rare thing. I almost gave up on the movie and made the mistake of not watching it in one sitting and kinda left it hanging on the gross part, which of course contributed in convincing myself that the movie was quite mediocre. I watched the final 25 minutes of the movie today and must say I’ve changed my mind about the movie. It was pretty exciting and stylistically well done, so even though I still sit here with mixed feelings about the movie, the ending was really good.

“Suicide Club” opens with 54 cheerful teenagers throwing themselves in front of a train for no apparent reason. Other inexplicable suicides follow, but further events yield more questions than answers. What is the purpose of a mysterious white bag containing stitched human skin found at some of the scenes? What sinister role does the seemingly innocuous but overexposed teen band Dessert have in this? What is the meaning of a mysterious website that seems to predict the suicides before they occur? Time is running out for the police and their unlikely ally, a cyber jock known as “The Bat”. The suicide rate has climbed to a spectacular rate, and the country is in the grip of an obsession with death. Unless this is stopped, anarchy will consume Japan.

Writer/director Shion Sono presents an impressive satire on the power of popular culture and its control over the mindset of a country. With the media telling us how to dress, what to watch, and what to think, why not have the media tell us to kill ourselves? Granted, it’s an unlikely scenario, but for the purpose of “Suicide Club” it drives the point home. Think for yourself and be yourself, Sono seems to be saying, and not what television and magazines say. Truly a laudable message and certainly advice worth taking.

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After reading your review on the movie, I decided to give it a go and watch it. I was not disappointed. It’s definetely unlike any movie I’ve ever watched before (which seems to nearly always be the case with the japanese films I’ve watched)! However, I felt the sudden burst into song and dance Rocky Horror style with Rolly was quite uncalled for :S apart from that, the rest of the film seemed to follow.


I read the review on the movie…but I have aldready seen is very..different from other movies. But very well done.I liked it in some way. It was a bit…unreal in some parts but very good. Not like any other movies I ever seen!



dan dubie:



this was an amazing movie.. i’ve watched suicide circle and i also recommend battle royal. another Japanese film. although suicide circle (aka suicide club as the American market is calling it) was extremely well done and quite intriguing battle royal has to be my favorite. i HIGHLY recommend both movies though.


what kind of stuff is this why would there be a suicide clun well sounds fun


Si poteva certamente vedere il vostro entusiasmo nel lavoro che scrivere su Il mondo spera ancora di piĆ¹ gli scrittori appassionati come voi che non hanno paura di dire come si crede. Seguire sempre il tuo cuore.


Still i dont get it ..

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