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Matt Greatorex:

Hmmmm, so I pinched a hotlink off you. I’m a computer retard and I’m proud of it. So when I get a mildy amusing reference to me not using someone else’s bandwidth (dunno what that means) and not asking, i’ve just spend 20 minutes looking for a contact email address to ask nicely and I can’t find one. So this is me asking nicely, can I use that Yuka Haneda picture please? Or do I have to save it and set up a photo bucket account to have my nice wallpaper back?

I’d love to know, Dennis.


Matt Greatorex


I appreciate you taking the time to come here and ask me, BUT… first of all I’m not the one who completely control the hosting, so I don’t have much saying in who’s banned from hotlinking (MySpace is one of those places since everybody hotlinks like crazy there) and second.. if you were to get permission to have that wallpaper it would use way too much bandwith costing me money.

So the short answer is no I’m afraid. :-(

Oh, and why don’t you just use the contact form at the top?

EDIT: Sorry my fault. Didn’t check my e-mail until just now.

Matt G:

Thanks for that, I found the contact thingy, and my mate showed me how to set up a photobucket account, so I’ll try that.

Sorry for the inconvenience, feel free to visit my site in a day or two’s time to see if it looks nice again.

Take care,


PS - For someone who makes music on a computer, my actual IT skills are rubbish. I should really learn how to use them properly!!! Inabit


No need to apologize there, but glad your friend could help you out. :-)

Take care yourself..

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