What I’m Listening To #5

I just want to mention that even though I’ve titled these posts “what I’m listening to”, some of the songs are not something I listen to on a daily basis, but just songs I want to feature on here and used to like a lot and can still enjoy from time to time.

Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Molinaro Remix)

I first heard the original song about a year ago. I really like it, even though it’s acapella and I heard about it because it was featured in an episode of Orange County and combined with the fact that Molinaro is behind one of my current favorite tracks previously sampled here called “Superman” I was incredibly excited when I first heard that the song existed. I have to admit that I think it could have been better, and if done right been one of my favorite trance songs. I just don’t feel the beat all that much, but because of the vocals and the decent remix I still like the song.

Hard In Tango - This Is My DJ

A very addicting song. It was playing in my head for weeks, when I first discovered how good it was.

Liquido - Ordinary Life (Gabry Ponte Remix)

The original song was pretty good, even though I listened to this remix first actually, but Gabry Ponte simply takes this track to another level and is still one of my favorite party tracks, even though I tend to get sick with songs quickly, but this… this seems to stay with me.

Speedbreaker Megamix

This is the sample of a 22 minute megamix by Speedbreaker. I used to listen to it a lot, mainly for the beginning of the song, which I still think kicks ass.

DJ Splash - Trip To Paradise

A simple, but effective party starter.



where do you have hide and seek(molinaro remix) from??its not official,is it?


hi.where do you have this song from(hide and seek-molinaro remix).sounds great but i couldnt get it anywhere.maybe you can send me by mail??

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