What I’m Listening To #4

DJ Ross - Emotion

This song is pretty old I think, but I just discovered it. I loved his song called “Dreamland” though, a few years ago.

Hoobastank - The First Of Me

I really love Hoobastank. This is a song from their newest album called “Every Man For Himself”, which was released a few days ago I think. Sadly I don’t like that many songs from the CD. This song and “If Only” are the only ones I listen to.

DJ Lhasa - Calabria 2006 (Extended Edit)

I posted another song I was listening to a while ago also called Calabria 2006, but while the other was more reggaeton (which seems to be the hottest thing nowadays and not that I mind) this is trance.

Jan Wayne Feat. Lena - Total Eclipse Of The Heart

A remix of Bonnie Tyler’s song of same name, which is from around 2002, but I began listening to it again recently.

Orange Range - Champione

A Japanese song called “Champione” by Orange Range is NHK TV Japan’s Theme Song for the broadcast of the 2006 World Cup (in Germany). I loved their performance at MusicStation.


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