The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Category: TV
Genre: Comedy, School Life
Themes: Original & Creative
Year: 2006
Studio: Kyoto Animation

I just watched the first five episodes in a row of this show and I’m now patiently waiting for the 6th one to finish, which was just released an hour or two ago. With almost 3000 4000 peers it shouldn’t take long though. It seems that this show is what’s every anime fan out there is raving about at the moment. I’m by no means a fan of anime, especially not TV-series as I tend to get easily bored with them except for a few exceptions (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop), but this show is really cool!

It’s one of the weirdest and most random shows I’ve watched though. But if you like random (like I do), then this should be your thing. The first episode for instance is not really the first episode, but the 2nd episode is. I was laughing all the way through episode 1, because it was so weird and purposely bad acting and dialogue. It’s made as an amateur movie made by the main character and has all the clich├ęs you could ever imagine and even has that “final battle” that needs to be included at the end and it’s all just great fun. Episode 2 is where things go “normal” and this is where the plot really starts. At the end of each episode during the previews for the next episode, the viewers are always given two different numbers for the following episode. One number from Kyon, who lists the episode numbers in the order in which they aired, and one number from Haruhi, who numbers the episodes according to where they actually fit chronologically in the plot, which I assume can get confusing, but right now for me I really like it. It’s really different from other animes out there that I’ve tried to watch.

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya began airing in April and so far has created quite the fanbase already and people are going crazy over it.

A far from ordinary school story starts here!

This is a story of Suzumiya Haruhi, who upon enrollment at school announced “I have no interest in ordinary humans. If there are any aliens, beings from the future, or super-humans, come see me. That is all!”

Naturally, any normal person would think “What the…?”, but Haruhi is dead serious. Things get crazy when everyone realizes just how serious she is about it all and establishes the “SOS Brigade”.

Suzumiya Haruhi is a good-looking high school girl who has a clear head, haughty personality and very egocentric thought. She has an unimaginably tremendous power to change the world, but she is totally unaware of her own power and so she is also unaware of the effect of her power on the outside world.

A delightfully strange, yet marvelously interesting story!

…oh yeah, and despite the title, this show is not sad in any way, which just further makes this anime random I guess… unless something will happen in the next few episodes. That’s what’s so good about it, you never know what will happen next.



Of course my name isnt really kyon. Its Toby. But i love T.M.O.H.S MORE THAN ANY OF YOU! Ive seen every single episode, and watched the seires both in published order and chronilogical order. i love the pictures that you got on here. im going to make some of my own. why am i still talking you dont care what i think. some call me mad, but if im mad becase i dare to dream, dream of a race of super being, with p…. i guess i am pretty mad. PLEASE ADD ME!

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