The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 6

Remote Island Syndrome (Part I)

I was very tired last night, but episode 6 finally finished (thanks to the many seeds/leechers - in fact it’s only surpassed by the newest Bleach episode) and it was really good! At first I didn’t like it so much as the other episodes, but it won me over by the end. It’s very weird (but kinda cool) with the episodes being anachronic, which means that this was the 6th episode, but plotwise it’s actually the 9th! So we’re thrown into this episode out of nowhere with Haruhi and the SOS “crew” (plus an unexpected passenger) as they’re going to a remote island. Haruhi is convinced that mysterious things will happen and at the end of the episode a strange incident really does occur, even though they’ve been there for several days. The next episode will naturally NOT be “Remote Island Syndrome (Part II)”, but will instead be the episode that’s chronologically before this one, plotwise that is. I really hope there’s a reason why the episodes jump around like this, although I don’t mind at all, but it would be cool if it was really well though out and when the final 14th episodes arrive everything is tied together and you’ll see the anime in a totally different light or something like that… sigh, probably dreaming. Anyway, I’ll try not to expect too much from future episodes even though this anime makes it really hard. All in all episode 6 was a good episode.

Oh yeah and a cool thing to prove how big this anime has gotten is that a group of Japanese guys gathered to make a live action version of the ending of the anime, complete with the same moves. Disturbing, but kinda cool still. Also there’s a blog dedicated to counting down ’till the DVD and CD is released and also when the next episode airs.

This isn’t a life-altering anime or anything, like I’m tempted to say Evangelion was/is, but it’s just really, really good!


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