Interesting News From E3

I woke up today and found out that E3 was all over the ‘net. I haven’t really followed it that much this year, but some news are already sounding great to me. Like Kendra mentions on her blog the PS3’s release date and price have been announced.

The PS3 will come in a 20GB and a 60GB version and will be released November 17, 2006.

The controller, which shockingly won’t feature vibration (pun intended) looks a lot like the PS2 controller:

I live in Europe so this is what’s interesting to me:

20GB = 499 euros
60GB = 599 euros

… which is a bit expensive, but it’s not that crazy when you think about when the PS2 was released. I just can’t help compare it to the price of the Xbox 360, but oh well, I guess all these games coming out will be more than worth it.

Speaking of games, I’ve uploaded the E3 2006 HD trailer of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots:

And here’s a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, which I can’t believe I’m already looking at a trailer of, since I won’t even be playing Final Fantasy XII anytime soon:

And if that wasn’t enough a sequel to FFXIII (which will be a 3-part saga, the final being a cell phone game called Final Fantasy Agito XIII - hooray?) has been announced as well called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is a pretty lame name though? I guess I’ll get used to it, all that matters is that it’s Final Fantasy. I just don’t hope that FFX-2 was any indication on how good they are at making sequels.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being created by the team behind Kingdom Hearts 2 and will be an “extreme action game” that serves as the direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII and will appear on the PS3. The trailer for the game was done by the team that put together Advent Children.

I’ll put up a trailer for it when it’s online.


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