Ju-On 2: The Grudge

Ju-On 2 is just as “enjoyable” as the original! If you consider getting scared the living daylight out of you enjoyable that is. There were several times during the movie where I jumped, the scary parts were really effective. If you liked the first you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Little Toshio and his mother Kayako are still on the prowl, haunting their family home and driving any hapless visitor into insanity and death. This time, a TV crew invites disillusioned schlock horror actress Kyoko to present a staged report on the bad vibes in the deserted Saeki homestead. Although she’s supposed to fake the reception of signals from the netherworld, Kyoko starts sensing something is seriously awry before even crossing the doorstep. Creepy sounds from the attic and black stains on the floorboards are only an omen of what is to come as the TV crew are visited one by one by the vengeful ghosts.

One of the things I was most surprised about was the fact that the story was easier to follow and overall just less confusing. Like with my last post about Ju-On here’s a timeline of the movie:

Some scenes that were really memorable to me was the Tomoka episode with the “thump… thump” part that was truly awesome, the wig scene, the birth scene, copier scene and also the Chiharu episode, which jumps back and forth but it was really cool and some other scenes of course as well. That’s what I like about these two movies; there’s SO many memorable scenes compared to other horror movies I’ve watched.

I liked the movie because it was easier to follow, but if I was really forced to choose between this and the original I think I’d go with the original. There were some scarier parts in my opinion. But then again, the 2nd one has its fair share of cool scenes too and a better pace, which actually made it more enjoyable in a way. I really don’t know. I’ll rate them the same, 9.5/10, because they are the scariest horror movies I’ve seen so far, but the sequel really is different from the original, which is rare as it seems like sequels are usually just released to make more money, since the original worked, but this… this is different. Can’t wait for Ju-On 3: The Grudge, which I hear should be released around October this year!

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I saw the first movie a while ago, but haven’t gotten around to seeing this one. But from your summary and review, I have to say that it looks really good! I didn’t know a third one is set to come out. I will have to see the second one soon so I’ll be ready for number three!

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