What I’m Listening To #3

Akcent - Kylie

A nice dance song. Had to get it somehow when I heard it on a commercial some months ago. Been listening to it again lately.

Paffendorf Vs. Madonna - Cool Vogue

Fell for the part included in the sample. That beat/sound never fails to get me in a party mood. A mix between one of Paffendorf’s old songs (2003 if I remember correctly) called “Be Cool” and Madonna’s “Vogue” = Cool Vogue.

Ottomix - Raggasex

Is pretty well known because of a distinctive part of the song where a girl moans, which I’ve kindly not included as that can get really annoying. I heard it first sometime last year, but still really love the beat.

Gabry Ponte - Pump Up The Rhythm

Gabry Ponte is the man!

Aycan - Devil in Disguise (Central Seven Remix)

A Danish group. The song is pretty good.


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