Live Action Evangelion Project

If I had to pick one movie I’m looking forward to more than anything else it would be the live action version of Neon Genesis Evangelion, which I’m currently watching for the 4th time as it’s definitely my favorite TV show ever.

I saw this video from Tekkoshocon 2006, where some news were revealed about the project.


  • Matt Greenfield says that Weta approached ADV about approaching Gainax to do a live action Eva movie.
  • Three “A List” directors that are also fans of Evangelion approached ADV about the project, not the other way around.
  • Greenfield talks about getting their pitch package together and that “the first thing is Robin Williams talking about Evangelion”, who is apparently a big Evangelion fan, and the appearance of the Mass Production Eva toy in One Hour Photo is entirely his doing.
  • Celebrities have been inquiring directly to ADV about being involved in Live Action Evangelion.
  • The director to be signed will most likely be the first to have room in their schedule.
  • Greenfield acknowledges the uncertainty of the final product due to the nature of film making being driven by the director.
  • The slug script was written by a well known writer who has written several well known sci-fi movies. The slug script will be re-written to fit the tastes and vision of the director selected.
  • Greenfield acknowledges that the children will most likely be age appropriate. The kids will be picked and then the adults will be cast to work well with the children.
  • Tiffany Grant asserts that Weta gets 20 times more email about Evangelion than Lord of the Rings.
  • Greenfield says a director will most likely be signed by the end of the year.
  • Greenfiled says they don’t want to make it for profit, but because they want to do it, and they want to do it right, and do it justice in the same way that Lord of the Rings did.
  • I’ve known that WETA was gonna work on it, but it’s still amazing. First Lord of The Rings, then King Kong and now Eva? That’s just awesome! I’m both excited and nervous about the movie. But knowing that WETA is gonna be there helps me relax a bit.

    They also mentioned that the Evangelion phenomenon has made over 2 billion dollars!

    And here’s an interview with WETA from a few years back about the live action movie:

    I have also heard that the movie will have a budget of $120 million dollars, which is pretty good!

    Anyway this movie won’t be out for at least a couple of years, so I’m trying to stay calm until then.

    Here’s an AMV called “In the End of Evangelion”:


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