My Girl And I

“My Girl And I” is the Korean version of Crying Out Love, In The Center Of The World, which originates from Japan. It’s immensively popular in Japan and has also been made into a movie and a TV-series (both from 2004) but it all began with the book of same name, which has sold […]


The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 9

So Episode 9 (chonologically episode 14 - the final episode!) arrived and I’m basicially satisfied with it. At first I didn’t care particularly for it, not saying I thought it was bad, but really ended up liking it by the end of the episode. And it’s the first time I feel like the title […]

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ASCII Google Maps

I’m a sucker for anything ASCII art. Check out this site to see what the Google Maps site would look like if it was converted to just that in a geeky green color that resembles code out of The Matrix or something.


How To Make A Spider Out Of Dollar Bills

Here’s a simple guide how to make a pretty real looking spider out of 5 dollar bills: 4 for the legs and 1 to wrap the body. The ending result picture looked pretty good to me actually and I believe the guy when he says this:
These things are really popular, but every once […]

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Fanmade MySpace Redesign

I hate MySpace’s design with a passion. But if this guy’s take on a redesign would actually be applied I might be more inclined to visit it from time to time.

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Mona Lisa Made From Computer Parts

“Technology Smiling” is the name of this artwork made from hundreds of computer parts, which was recently exhibitioned in Beijing.



“Boredom!” Theme

I changed my theme just a few weeks ago from K2 to Unsleepable and has now switched to Boredom!, which I think looks better in a way. It’s more fresh, happy and has this overall good clean feeling to it in my opinion. BUT, and it’s a big but… I had gotten so used […]

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Teen Buzz

Teen Buzz is a ringtone that has been adapted from the so-called Mosquito alarm, which is used to drive away teenagers from stores. In the UK teens are now sharing this with their friends via bluetooth and MMS, as it’s been recorded by “techno-savvy pupils”. The sound can be heard by many people under […]


My Sassy Girl

I watched My Sassy Girl for the first time about two years ago, but the other night it was still as rewarding, sad, entertaining, funny and mindblowingly well put together even though it was my fifth time watching it.
The movie is based on a series of true storied posted by Ho-sik Kim on […]


The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 8

So episode 8 (chronologically episode 10) was released today and I’m glad I didn’t need to wait any longer to get things solved. When they did episode 6 (Remote Island Syndrome Part I) and I found out that the next episode wouldn’t be this one I was hoping it would air soon, and so […]

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