Orange Range’s New PVs

On May 10 Orange Range is gonna release their next single. The main song will be “Champione”, which is the theme song for NHK TV Japan broadcast of the World Cup, Germany 2006 and it will also include a b-side “Walk On”, which is both the ending theme song for the Japanese film, “Chekeraccho!!”, which currently plays in theaters in Japan, and is the current CM song for T&C Surf Designs. And so, both songs have a PV, which is pretty rare I think. Orange Range’s music is VERY often used for something. I think I read that their last album (not counting the bad remix album “Squeeze”) Natural had 9 songs or something that were used in an anime, TV drama or a movie… insane.

I like Champione more, it’s more upbeat, but Walk On is growing on me. I was a bit disappointed after watching the live performance at HeyHeyHey, but it’s getting better. Champione just worked for me during my first listen though.


Walk On



Hey, thanks for posting this info and especially for the videos! I have been listening to Orange Range for the past year or so, and really enjoy their music. I hope they stick around for a long time!


Hey there.. no problem :)

I’ve listened to OR since August last year and they are definitely my favorite Japanese band.

I’m pretty sure they won’t go away for a while, I found out that they’ve released 3 full albums and 13 singles in just over 3 years, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t remain popular… I just hope that this year will prove to be as good as the past few years for them.

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