What I’m Listening To #2

Basshunter - Boten Anna

This Swedish song about a boat called Anna an IRC bot is very popular in Denmark right now. Pretty catchy.

Roberto Molinaro - Superman

A pretty hard trance song, but cool, especially if you turn it up really loud.

The Fuckups - Lazy Generation

A song from Burnout 3 for the PS2.

In Nomine Patris Feat. Sarah - She Was Crying

A good dance song and I really like it when the bass kicks in.

Pain & Rossini - Hands Up Everybody

Currently no. 5 on the Danish dancechart I think.



the song “basshunter anna - boten anna” is not about å boat…
boten anna is an IRC bot.
on IRC if you for example curse or do something your not allowed to do, the bot will kick you out of the chat group.

want to know more about a bot, check out this site.


oh shit, spelled the song wrong :P “basshunter - boten anna”


sorry, very clumsy day this.


gave you wrong ;P


Yeah I realized that a few days ago actually, when I read it somewhere… even though I’m from denmark I don’t understand swedish that well hehe…. but thanks a bunch for correcting me!

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