Battle Royale Special Version LE Tin

This morning I received my copy of the OOP (Out Of Print) 2-disc Special Version Limited Edition Battle Royale Tin DVD! I got it through an auction on Amazon and so it costed me a bit more money than I paid when I pre-ordered Battle Royale 2: Revenge (also tin), but it was more than worth it! I’ve been watching the second disc for what seems to be most of the day. I already had the regular Tartan release, but this time around, not only did I get PLENTY of subtitled extras to enjoy, but also the extended version of the movie is featured in this damn fine release.

Probably the coolest bonus that comes with the DVD is the Battle Royale Special Edition Collector’s Film Card, which reads:

“To celebrate the release of Battle Royale Special Edition Tartan Video is proud to present this Limited Edition Collector’s Film Frame Card. This truly unique artifact is individually numbered and features a hand-cut film frame, taken directly from a theatrical print.”

The frame is from when Kawada talks about his previous participation in Battle Royale.

These are the features of this Limited Edition:

  • Interactive Menus
  • Subtitle Selection
  • Chapter Search
  • Remastered Picture, Audio, and Subtitles
  • 4 Page Booklet
  • Poster Art Collector’s Card
  • Special Edition Version Featuring Additional Footage and Alternate Ending
  • The Making of Battle Royale
  • Instructional Video: Birthday Version
  • Audition and Rehearsal Footage
  • Special Effects Comparison Featurette
  • Tokyo International Film Festival 2000
  • Battle Royale Documentary
  • Basketball Scene Rehearsals
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Filming On-Set
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Special Edition TV Spot
  • Quentin Tarantino TV Spot
  • Director’s Statement
  • On-Screen Filmographies
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    At the dawn of the Millenium, the nation collapsed. At 15% unemployment, 10 million were out of work, 800,000 students boycotted school. The adults lost confidence, and fearing the youth, eventually passed the ‘Millenium Educational Reform Act’…AKA: The BR Act.

    Battle Royale is originally based on a Japanese novel that sent shockwaves through the country. Not having finished the book yet, I can’t say for sure is that it’s as disturbing as the movie. It’s the very essence of the word “controversial” and has been banned in over 12 countries; it’s meant to leave you breathless, wondering about the society today and what it might become. But enough with the speculations and now to the review itself:

    At the dawn of the century a new law is passed. “Battle Royale” as it’s been named is essentially about sending a class of 42, 15-year-olds off to a deserted island, where they must kill each other off in an attempt to be the last person standing and the only person returning back home. That one person will then be considered not only a winner but also a symbol of what the adults think is wrong with the modern society; the lack of respect towards adults. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. At the same time you come to realize that a movie with a storyline like this can only have it’s roots in the Asian culture.

    The movie starts out with the aforementioned class finally going on a long awaited school trip. The trip turns out to be a part of a plan and all of the students are put to sleep with some sort of gas. When they wake up they all notice that they are wearing something similar to that of a dog collar. These will explode and slit your throat leaving you in a pool of blood though. Later on they get explanations and answers about what’s going on. Armored with weapons such as Uzi’s, pistols, shotguns, sickles, binoculars and even something ridiculous as a pot lid they begin their violent 3-day stay.

    This is where the action sets off and they get a chance to see who are their real friends and who’s an imposter. One thing is for sure. The truth will reveal itself when such an extreme pressure is given to you. On the island they form their own teams and small society with leaders, subjects and so on. Just like in the real world, only more severe and extreme of course. But other than that the terms are the same.

    When you reach the credits and the movie is over you can’t help but ponder a little about the movie. It should raise some questions within you and hopefully slip an answer or two. It definitely got me thinking. Are somewhat modern inventions (Television, computers, cell phones, etc.) making generations to drift apart causing disrespect to grow? Can disrespect be confused with lack of understanding?

    The movie contains very powerful images, some of which are accompanied with classical music reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange and it’s simply the complete package in my book. It’s got love, friendships, action and drama.

    Best movie ever in my humble opinion.


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    Preview of the extras. “Oki” sings a song to entertain his fellow cast members:

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    Theme song:

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    Dragon Ash - Shizukana Hibi Wo Kaidan Wo (the stair steps of a quiet day)





    this movie was so awesime the trailer even blew me away this is one of the coolest movies i’ve ever seen!


    well, thanks for recommendation. this was definitely great. anyway, i recommend the movie Death Note starring Tatsuya Fujiwara if u havnt seen it yet.

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