Death Note Live Action Movie

I have not read the manga, but I might really soon, because “Death Note” sounds pretty cool. But when it comes down to it, I’m usually more into live action adaptations, no matter if I’ve read the manga or seen the anime beforehand. I guess it’s because I know for a fact that the story will most likely work, otherwise they wouldn’t think of making it into a movie.

Two live-action Death Note movies are scheduled to be released in Japan on June and October 2006 respectively.

Light Yagami is a young but bright high school student who has until recently led a boring and uneventful life. That changed very quickly when he found a strange notebook with the title “Death Note” lying on the ground one day in 2003. After realizing that the “Death Note” was a shinigami’s tool with the power to kill anyone whose name was written on its pages, Light decided to use it to “cleanse” the world from evil.

Soon the many unexplainable deaths of newly released criminals is being noticed, and Light becomes hunted by the Japanese police force and a mysterious detective known as “L”. L quickly discovers that the murderer, that they decide to name Kira, is located in Japan, and that he can kill just by knowing someone’s face and name. Light realises that L is also a genius, and L and Light begin a cat and mouse chase to see who will be the first to have their identities exposed.


Anyway I’m also excited about the cast:

Matsuyama Kenichi as L [1 Litre of Tears]

Fujiwara Tatsuya as Raito [Battle Royale]

Erika Toda as Amane Misa [Nobuta wo Produce]

I fucking love “1 Litre of Tears”, “Battle Royale” is my favorite movie and I just started watching “Nobuta wo Produce”, which is just awesome and not that that has much to say about the movie, it still sounds good to me.

Official site: Link

Here’s two teasers for the movie (the 2nd looking visually stunning!):



this movie is really cool!


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