After watching “Go” from 2001 I’ve got a new title added to my all-time favorite movies and a new favorite actor as well! YĆ“suke Kubozuka was amazing in Strawberry On The Shortcake (TV-series from 2001) and Ping Pong (2002) and arguably even more amazing in this movie. His portrayal of Sugihara, a Japan-born North Korean is simply stunning. He tells his story in his own pace, sometimes fast forwarding and sometimes in slow motion, but it never gets confusing.
One day he decides to attend a Japanese school and later on he meets Sakurai, played by the beautiful Kou Shibasaki, one of two people in this movie of Battle Royale (Mitsuko and Kawada) fame, at a party and from then on he falls in love and starts changing. But she still has no idea that he is in fact Korean..

Several scenes really got to me. Two really cool scenes were the basketball scene and the race against the train. But other scenes were much deeper and more real. One being where he talks to the policeman and the entire theme of issues with nationality is brought up in one single simple scene, but also the ending is just awesome and breathtaking. The scene that got to me the most was probably the scene in the hotel with Sukarai… the dialogue and setting are just beatiful. Simple, yet powerful, which also describes “Go” overall pretty well in my opinion. 10/10.

The movie has everything: fast-paced action scenes, violence, drama, love, friendships and family issues. I can’t believe I bought something this good on a blind buy. :)

Based on the award-winning story by Kazunori Kaneshiro, the film “GO” is an alternative youth drama directed by Isao Gyojo of “Himawari.”

It centers on a boy who finds himself going through the hardships of love and friendship, while learning to overcome prejudices based on nationality and race. Japanese hottest artist Yosuke Kubozuka , who plays the excellent role of a Korean highschool student who lives in Japan, won both the “Best Actor” and the “Best New Artist” award. Also starring Kou Shibasaki, Shinobu Ootake and Tsutomu Yamazaki. This movie was not only gigantic in Japan, but also in Asia and all over the world!

I managed to find and extract a German version of the trailer, so here it is in all it’s sucky 2MB, 46 seconds glory.


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