I just watched “Touch” and I’ve gotta say that it was pretty good. Lately I’ve been going crazy with live action movies and this is no exception. Touch started out as a manga by Mitsuru Adachi and was later made into a 101-episode anime.

The movie wasn’t great or life-altering or anything but it was well worth the wait and nice overall. I still can’t figure out if I should have given it a 7.5, but I ended up with 8. However watching this eerily reminded me of a drama series called H2 in more ways than just the both of them being about baseball… details, but still. Anyway considering it was a blind buy I’m satisfied.

Tatsuya and Kazuya the twin brothers, have a mutual girl friend, Minami, who has been their playmate since they were babies. After they enter the same high school, Minami harbors a dream: To participate in the national high school baseball championship tournament at Koshien Stadium. In order to materialize it, Kazuya joins the baseball team of Meisei High School as an ace pitcher. He proves that he is talented as an athlete and as a student. He is considered a perfect match for Minami whose beauty and brightness win her the unanimous adoration of the high school students.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya is sloppy and, with poor academic records, far from the center of attraction. Evidently inferior to his twin brother, however, love has found its place in his heart, and his affection for Minami grows day by day. Though she feels Kazuya’s attachment, Minami is rather attracted to Tatsuya than to Kazuya. As time goes by, it is Tatsuya who wins her first kiss. The preliminary heats for the championship tournament begin, and the Meisei High School team wins game after game to the final, thanks to Kazuya’s nice pitching. But in the morning on the day of the final, Kazuya gets involved in a traffic accident and dies….

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