Infernal Affairs

Since I had heard so much about Infernal Affairs beforehand I decided to buy it last summer, but just finally got around to watch it last night (!). Something I’d wish I had done sooner. It was actually really good, and now I get why there’s a US remake coming later this year directed by Martin Scorsese. It was just so exciting (and a bit confusing from time to time admittedly) watching Lau (Andy Lau) and Chan (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) trying to blow each other’s covers. Chan who is with the police has been working undercover for almost 10 years and has been with the Mafia to such an extent that he hardly knows who he is anymore, while Lau is having the same problems, just the other way around, because he’s a mole working for the Mafia but is in the police.

The setting is the never-ending war between the police and the traids of Hong Kong. Chan is a cop who’s been assigned to undercover work inside the traids for so long that he’s been able to rise through the ranks to a position of some authority. Lau, meanwhile, is a secret member of the triads who has infiltrated the police force with an equal level of success. As they feed their bosses information on the plans and counter-plans of the organizations they pretend to serve, they both begin to feel the stresses of their double lives as they become torn between the oppressive obligations they owe to their superiors and the growing camaraderie they share with the foot soldiers around them. As the two organizations become increasingly aware of the moles in their midsts, the race is on for Chan and Lau to try and get out of the game alive.

All in all a very cool flick (from Hong Kong!) and it gets a solid 8/10 rating from me.

Here’s a music video of the movie:

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