Went to a party last night. It was awesome, but it was the first one in a long time and I could really feel that today. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that sick. It’s 7pm now and it’s just within the past few hours that I’ve been feeling better. When do […]

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Orange Range’s New PVs

On May 10 Orange Range is gonna release their next single. The main song will be “Champione”, which is the theme song for NHK TV Japan broadcast of the World Cup, Germany 2006 and it will also include a b-side “Walk On”, which is both the ending theme song for the Japanese film, […]


What I’m Listening To #2

Basshunter - Boten Anna
This Swedish song about a boat called Anna an IRC bot is very popular in Denmark right now. Pretty catchy.

Roberto Molinaro - Superman
A pretty hard trance song, but cool, especially if you turn it up really loud.

The Fuckups - Lazy Generation
A song from Burnout 3 for the PS2.

In Nomine Patris Feat. […]


PlayStation 3 Release Date And Price

According to the latest issue of Unofficial PlayStation Magazine (PSM), the PS3 will actually launch come November and will cost $399 for US, €322 for Europe, and ¥45,965 in Japan. Furthermore it will support backward compatibility, which means you can play Playstation 1+2 games on it as well. Finally it will come with a […]

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Cool. In one word Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is simply cool! I watched it last night and even though I have no idea what the Final Fantasy VII game was about I still really enjoyed it. I watched the Japanese dub, but once my 2-disc special edition arrives from Amazon I’ll be sure […]

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Largest Game Of Tetris

An entire office building is used to play Tetris.

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My 250th Post!

Blog Stats
There are currently 250 posts and 206 comments, contained within 38 categories.
It’s been just over 7 months since I started this blog already.
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Gallery #4

Mostly animated GIFs, but also a few pictures.
15 Things You Don’t Hope… | Amanda Bynes (Hot!) | Anime Vs. Real Life | Awesome Anime Scene 1 | Awesome Anime Scene 2 | Cherry Blossoms | Cool Fight | Cute Cats | Do I Give A Damn V. 1.1 | Amazing Dunk | Elisha Cuthbert […]

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Reach! - A Lecture Musical

This must have taken a lot of courage! During a college class this guy starts breaking into song and it’s very funny. And true… what he sings about I mean.

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Disney’s Moments Of Deja-Vu

Disney reuses scenes. While that may not surprise people that much, it’s still uncanny looking at the pics side by side.
Here we have Robin Hood vs. Snow White.

Check out the site for more interesting comparisons here. There’s a page 2 here. It’s in Russian, but pictures say more than a thousand words, right?

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