Google Search History and CL2

Google Search History is not a new service from Google, but I had actually forgot about it until last night. The scariest part is that even though I forgot all about it, Google have been storing (because I have a Google Account - Gmail) my searches for a long time. The first search they’ve stored actually dates back to April 23, 2005. Since then I’ve been actively searching on Google, and a lot more than I thought.

My search activity for this month looks like this with many days 20+ searches, which you can see by looking at the color of a specific date:

On the Google Search History site there’s also a section called “Trends”, which is pretty interesting. In there you can find out what your “Top Searches”, “Top Sites” and “Top Clicks” are.

There’s also graphs for your “Hourly search activity”, “Daily search activity” and “Monthly search activity” giving you a pretty good idea about when you’re the most active. By looking at this graph I can see that apparently I’m pretty lazy/busy come monday (probably because of homework, although that’s over for now):

But since April 2005, I can see by looking at the graph that I’ve been searching 415 times if you put all wednesdays in that period of time together. All in all I have searched 2531 times, which is just downright scary.

Anyway, speaking of Google, I’ve heard that today is the day that they will launch Google Calendar aka CL2. I don’t know if it’s true, but I sure hope so. It sounds pretty sweet that it will be closely integrated with Gmail, which is enough for me to be super excited. And on top of that the screenshots looks awesome.


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