Catch A Wave

On April 26 a movie called Catch A Wave (キャッチ・ア・ウェーブ) opens in theaters in Japan. It’s kind of a surfing version of the popular 2001 summer hit Water Boys, which I just love and own the movie version of on DVD, but the most interesting thing about the movie is the fact that the movie is based on a novel written by Kazumasa Toyoda, who was just 16 back then and is now 17.

He did not know where to bring his first novel “Catch A Wave”, so he consulted his teacher, who worked his way to a publisher Kadokawa Gakugei. When the president of the publisher met Toyoda, he was surprised at a young student in a school uniform. Kadokawa staff supported him in finishing the book, and it went out in print in 2005.

The book caught media attention and he then wrote a script of the movie. He did not know how to surf, so learned it to write the script. Now in his junior year in high school, his movie is just about to be released.

The movie is directed by Nobuyuki Takahashi, who is the director of the TV versions of Water Boys. I actually just started watching Water Boys 2 and really love it so far. I’m only on episode 3 but I can already tell that it will be just about as great as the original, which was just perfect. I’ll blog about Water Boys once I finish Water Boys 2.

I managed to extract the trailer from the official Catch A Wave website and then uploaded it to YouTube, since I couldn’t find any on there. Although I have absolute no idea what they say it looks really good and I can definitely see the resembles to Water Boys. Can’t wait to watch this one!


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