Flock’s Upcoming “Cardinal” Release

When Flock was initially released I was super excited. But even though the Flock team had warned people I still started using it for about a month as my primary browser. It was hell. Well it acted just like Firefox in the beginning, which is good, I mean it’s based on it… but it started getting really slow and buggy. So until this release, codenamed “Cardinal” I’ll leave it, so here’s to a strong comeback!

In May, we will be releasing the next version of Flock, code named Cardinal. This release is our first public beta. Cardinal focuses on improving the user experience.

During the last few weeks we have moved offices, switched revision control systems, finalized the design, and have started committing code. While tinderbox is still building the previous branch (0.5.x), soon it will switch to Cardinal.

Some highlights:

* Photos - easier to keep up to date with your friends’ photos, drag photos to a text area to upload
* Feeds - improve feed reading and subscription process
* Favorites - improve import, easier navigation of favorites
* Shelf - move shelf to bottom of screen with open-on-hover
* Blogging - simplified & streamlined
* Usability, performance and stability improvements


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