Byakuyakou Episode 2

So, I saw the second episode of Byakuyakou aka Journey Under The Midnight Sun the other day and loved it. It’s so dark and different from the other Japanese TV-shows I’ve watched and is watching. This episode finally featured Yamada Takayuki and Ayase Haruka, whereas the first episode almost only showed them as 11-year-olds. So that was definitely nice seeing them on-screen together again, as they did a phenomenal job on “Crying Out Love, In The Center Of The World” and are back and better than ever.

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I’m Yukari.I from Japan.
I saw Byakuyakou Episode1~10, it was so dark!!! but I love it.
Although the original read the book with the Japanese mystery book,it likes the TV drama privately. But after finishing seeing, it will become untouched for a while.

If you like this actor and the actress,I recommend「Sekai no Chuushin de Ai o Sakebu」(TV drama)I thought lovely first love story.I’m not true, seemingly, a screen version will be made in South Korea this year or next year.

PS.Sorry,I think my grammar isn’t complete.


Hey there :-)

I’m so jealous of you, since you can just get the episodes right away and watch them. I have to wait for the english subtitles, so episode 2 is the latest one I’ve watched, but it was really great, I loved it.

I did see Sekai no Chuushin, and it was fantastic! :D.. I own the movie on DVD and thought that was pretty good as well even though the tv show was better, so I’m definitely excited if there’ll be a South Korean version of the movie, since they are REALLY good at making melodramas. So thanks for letting me know, I didn’t know that :-)

By the way, does Byakuyakou get better and better the further into the series you get?


Dear admin,

>I’m so jealous of you,
If I’m your position. could be same feel.

>I did see Sekai no Chuushin, and it was fantastic!
I think so too!!!

By the way,Byakuya is 11episodde’s. I watch last episode this Thursday,so my feel’s little lonely now…
It doesn’t become series though regrettable.
Whenever an after episode increases a time, it becomes heavy story deployment. I myself am crying each time,although every episode was good,but I fairly like episode5.

I’m interested in how it is translated into English!!


My name’s Dennis ;-)

OK I’ll be looking forward to episode 5 then… even though that may take a while. I rely on fansubbers to sub Byakuyakou ( and so far the episodes are being released once a month! But I still appreciate the effort they are putting into it, and so far they are doing a great job. Since I don’t speak Japanese, I can’t really say for sure that it’s being translated the best way possible, but I think it’s VERY good.

How do you think this jdorama is compared to Sekai no Chuushin? If it can be compared that is..


Haha im the one who just looking for

Byakuyakou subtitle and then i accidentally find your blog

just want to say hello

ps: Sars-fansubs looking for peoplo who can translate this series becoz
Sars translator ran away -_-”


So that’s why it’s been a while? :-(

I just thought that since it also took a while between episode 1 and 2, episode 3 would be out soon.

Thanks for telling me.. so sad though.


My name is Erika.I’m from Japan.And I am student.
I love byakuyakou, too!
Therefore now is already over and is very boring~…
I feel very glad that byakuyakou is translated!!!
Ayase Haruka is very beautiful(~0~)
And I resemble a child’s part~
Let’s do teaching of a good thing to you!
By 11 episodes, yukiho seems to have been given a child…
In a strange sentence, I am sorry.(>0

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