MatrixStream IPTV Set Top Box

Today I got an email from Aaron of MatrixStream Technologies Inc. about a product of theirs called IMX1020 1080P H.264 STB (Set Top Box). It will allow you to have a full home theater experience:

The I-MX™ series Set Top Box (STB) is designed for the ultimate home theater experience. The STB comes with full support for DVD and HDTV video and Dolby Digital home theater systems. The STB also allows users to view HDTV and DVD videos right from their IP network. Simply plug in the STB to the IP network and home theater system, and the full functionality of Video-On-Demand is ready to access.

With my recent post about IPTV I’m really excited to see what the future will bring when it comes to the way we think of technology and TV. One thing is for sure: it’s all about IPTV. Just think about it; you can watch whatever you want when you want (Video-On-Demand) in DVD- and HDTV-quality.

Go check out this video demonstration, which should give you a pretty good idea about just how the set top box works works.

(1) End to End platform that run’s over best effort network for set top box / PC Player / Cell phone.
(2) 1080P H.264 Low cost / High definition set top box that does 1080P from as low as 2.5mbps over best effort network to any broadband connection.
(3) Fast deploying / Low cost / easy to use / high user scaling / plug and play platform that run’s over any broadband connection.

You can check out MatrixStream’s PC Player, which does IPTV and VOD to get a preview.


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