Cromartie High School: The Movie

I first heard of Cromartie High through this Yahoo! group I’m a member of. After about a week of non-stop submission of pictures of the anime and manga I finally surrendered and decided to Google it a bit. Sure enough… it sounded exactly as crazy as it looked. However, I decided to check out the live action movie instead, so I can’t say for sure that it delivers compared to the anime or manga, but from what I can understand people aren’t let down at all. Cromartie High School is probably the most insane and wacky movie I’ve seen this side of Kung Pao: Enter The Fist. It’s so far out and over the top at times that I just sat in awe consuming what was going on. So why 7.5/10? Because I liked it, but didn’t think that much of it. Some scenes I didn’t care that much for, but then again some scenes, like the Exorcist spoof were just hilarious.

School was never as much fun as it is in Sakigake!! Cromartie High The Movie, director Yamaguchi Yudai’s live action adaptation of Nonaka Eiji’s popular manga and anime series! Known in the United States by the title Cromartie High School, the film’s story centers on the madcap adventures of Kamiyama Takashi (Takamasa Suga), an otherwise normal honors student who ends up getting himself enrolled in the worst school in all of Japan! Filled with some of the toughest and dumbest delinquents imaginable (ranging from Mohawk sporting hoodlums to masked wrestler-types), Cromartie High is also home to such nontraditional students as a gorilla, a bare-chested Freddie Mercury look-alike, and a not so mechanically inclined tin can of a robot named Mechazawa who apparently thinks he’s just a normal guy!

Things get even weirder when a flying saucer comes to Cromartie High and aliens start taking over and abducting people! Sure, all hell breaks loose, but for the hilarious hooligans of Cromartie High, it’s just another normal day at school! But will out-of-place everyman Kamiyama be able to survive in the crazy world of Cromartie High? The answer to that question just might surprise you! Filmmaker Yamaguchi Yudai succeeds brilliantly in taking on the unenviable task of translating Cromartie High School’s unique sense of humor to the big screen. The film’s episodic, sketch comedy-feel, along with its patently absurd and hilariously deadpan sense of humor should win fans among the Monty Python and Late Night with Conan O’Brien crowd. Just like the manga and anime series that preceded it, Sakigake!! Cromartie High The Movie is an uproarious comedy that has to be seen to be believed!



I was always wondering how it would be possible to get in contact with Eiji, Nanaka. I was wondering if you watched this on DVD did it has a interview with him in the extras?


No, sorry I don’t know that. I don’t own the DVD. Sorry I can’t be of any help :-(

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