Silent Hill Movie Review

This is the first Silent Hill movie review that I’m aware of at least, and so far, not so good.

The story is symbolic and metaphorical to the point of being cold and distant.

The review on /FILM (Slashfilm) gives it a 4/10 rating, which equals “Wait to rent the DVD on Netflix”.

Fortunately it’s rare that I actually agree with movie reviews. So I still have my hopes intact.



Um, actually that review is a fake. It was posted on the Silent Hill message boards and IMDB the other day and was proven as a fake. You may notice the website is named No View Review, meaning they haven’t seen it yet, and a few days ago they had a fake Silent Hill poster up with Bill Pullman and Skeet Ulrich (instead of the Alessa one) and claimed it was the real one. Actually there are two review topics on the site, one called Movie Reviews for real reviews and one called NoView Reviews which are their reviews on movies they haven’t seen yet. Here is what they said on their site when they were asked about it:

“Note: This is a review of a movie that I haven’t seen because they haven’t even released it yet. Really, with all the advance publicity that they do these days, do you really have to see a movie to know if it’s any good? I say, no.”

There haven’t been screenings yet of it either, so they have pretty much based their “review” on the trailer. There are some screenings set to take place at the end of the month, I’m guessing that we’ll get some real reviews and thoughts on the film then. According to the latest Fangoria magazine though, the executives at Tristar loved it and will be making no cuts for the film which is going to be 125 minutes instead of the previously reported 110 min, and after they viewed it Tristar asked Gans if he wanted to come back and direct the sequel (seems they are interested in having one already).

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that its a fake.


Ok, thanks a lot! I just saw the link in this weekly newsletter I receive from /film and was under the impression that they only brought reviews they’ve written themselves. I guess they just collect all sorts of interesting things from the ‘net. Seems weird that someone would spread a fake review.. I’ve heard of fake photoshopped products and trailers, but this is just not fun.. but thanks for clarifying.

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