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I have been waiting for the live action version of Nana for a while, actually ever since I saw a trailer for it back in January. Leading up to the days when the subtitles were finally released in English, I was getting more and more impatient. So I decided to start reading the manga, which the movie is based on. The manga, which spans 14 volumes is immensely popular and has sold about 22 million copies and after the release of the movie, the franchise has also gathered a solid male fanbase, which is just awesome, since I don’t have to feel so weird, for enjoying it. What attract me to the story is that it’s so real. Not anything over the top, outrageous or insane, but tough real life issues, which basically is something that should make the target audience anything that’s alive and breathing. As of this writing I have reached volume 9, chapter 30 and have yet to get tired of it. What surprised me is that the manga was only meant as something that should tide me over until the real deal arrived, which was the movie, but I found myself getting into the characters (especially Hachi) and my expections of the movie were getting higher with every page turned.

The movie covers the first five volumes and I’ve gotta say that I wasn’t let down. Some people were complaining about the cast and about the setting looking unnatural, but I didn’t think any of those things. I think it was very well executed and actually really loved the cast, especially Aoi Miyazaki (Hachi), who’s as cute as a button and also Nana (Mika Nakashima - a famous Japanese artist) does a really good job. One actor I was really pleasantly surprised to see is the guy who plays Nobu (Hiroki Narimiya). He seems to show up in everything I watch these days: Nana, Orange Days and Gokusen (which I just started watching).

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie and will buy it as soon as the R3 Hong Kong version is released, which should be mid-March… which is about now.

Aoi Miyazaki being kawaii.

Shin is hired as thebass player of Blast (Black Stones).

Yuna Ito as Reira, the vocalist of Trapnest singing “Journey”. Great song, and great performance. I hope she’ll return as Reira.

Download Link

Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky

Download Link

Yuna Ito - Endless Story


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do you live in france? anyways, great choice of movies! but how could you watch nana? i can’t find it in dvd shops nor on the internet…


Why France?… but actually, no, I live in Denmark. I downloaded it via bittorrent and you can find it here:

If you aren’t familiar with bittorrent I guess you could always buy it off or And thanks for the compliment :-)


you blog is vvery very good


Thanks a lot Esméralda, I truly appreciate it. :-)


Hey do you know where I can download or buy the Nana Movie, the Japanese version with the English Subtitles? I would really appreciate it if you could help me.


You can download the movie here:

If you want to buy:

Special Edition:

Standard Edition:


Hey, do you know if the music from Nana is out? Or if it’s possible to download the songs or whatever somewhere???
Great site by the way! Really loved it!


hey….It’s gud to see ur blog…really gud work !! I had read a few volume of Nana’s manga and now i can’t find it anymore….do you know where can i get to download or read online the Nana’s manga ?? thanks in advance !


You can find all the Nana volumes here:

Awesome group BTW, so if it’s not already required I suggest you become a member of that Yahoo group to show your support. :-)

north wind:

I have a question:
Do you know when Nana2 will come to Scandinavia???
Please answer soon!!!


Nana 2? But The first movie didn’t come to Scandinavia did it? I live in Denmark and I haven’t seen anything Nana related here at all.. :-(

north wind:

Well, they sold the first film in Outland here in Norway.
But I don’t think they’re going to get the next movie before in January or maybe even not until February…?:p
Anyway, I was just wondering wither or not it’s possible to buy/download the music somewhere??

Ps: Sorry about the english…. Was in a bit of a hurry…:p


I think you can get it over here:

It says it will be released December 26th.

If you haven’t already, you can get the first single here:

Nana Chick:

Hey, great vid! I REALLY need your help. I’d like to buy this DVD but I can’t find any stores with it available & I’m not allowed to download. I really want an English version but are there any? If not, could you help me find a Japanese version with English subtitles & CHEAP? Thanks a bunch! :)

Nana Chick:

Pretty please email back soon! I don’t have internet at home!:D ;)


You can get it for $15 over here:


Do you know where I could buy Nana manga?
and do have any idea on when Nana 2 will be out?[if not thas ok(just curious)]
And about the Nana movies[manga/cartoon ones] where can I get them[if you know]?
thank you..=]


If you buy the officially dvd will they have the option for english subtitles ;]?

just checking in case.


[quote comment=”46731″]If you buy the officially dvd will they have the option for english subtitles ;]?

just checking in case.[/quote]

It turns out I am broken tho…xDD



Sam was asking whether you’d get English subtitles or not if he bought the official DVD. And you will if you buy from YesAsia. :-)


I finished 47 episodes and heard there was a season 2…
Is that true? Im so hooked on. Hahaha!
Is it possible to download/upload the anime series for free?
Like on YouTube? Lemme know PLEASE!! Thank you.


you know.., i’ve heard endless story a lot of times and that music trips to bones!hehehehehe anyway, it compromises the duet song in the philippines’ “if im not inlove with you” its rythym and few words are exact!


anyone knows if theres a NANA 2 download somewhere online????
I would apreciate!


everyone, go to… also, that song by yuna ito/reira is an american song by like…shanaia twin or somthing… yeah. there have been at least 20 covers of it…



Yeah probably!! I would ask if they came with the english subtitles though!!
It would probably be sold at yesasia too!!


haha!! woops!! Yeah probably!!


I live in germany
but do u know where i can get movie 2???? i love nana and i really need to watch number 2 ^^


well…the second one hasn’t come out yet[from what I heard, it hasn’t]
I want to see number 2 too!!
you could get the first one on,, and probably


I can’t find anywhere that sells NANA 2 in Japanese with English subtitles. I’ve looked on eBay, Amazon, CDJapan, sensasian and yesasia…

Has anyone been able to find it anywhere? I have the special edition in Japanese already (ordered it months ago XD) but still can’t find a copy that has English subtitles on it! I’m not fluent enough yet >.


I didn’t even know the 2nd one was out yet!
I dont knwo where else you would be able to find it!
Maybe go to an HMV and ask if they can order one with subtitles! That’s what I did with Moonchild!

I hope you get what you want and I hope my advice was helpful..xD
good luck!!


Hey, Nana 2 is out! You can watch it all on blessed youtube with subtitles. The cast, sadly, is entirely different except for Nana and two other minor characters.


they have one on ebay right now, and it has english subs!!!
you could look so see if its still there!


they had the subbed one, one day, and then the next, the video was unavailable…well…up to the fifth one, was!-__-


You can watch/download Nana for free at Veoh, and you can download the first and second movie from a site called
just go to Japanese movies, it will be somewhere in the highest rated tab


I love you! xDD!!!
You rock!

Vi Ling:

The one I watch on Crunchyroll is way too soft. Maybe it’s my speaker. I’m currently downloading again.

I sort of refuse to watch Nana The Movie 2 though. I prefer the other Hachi. The new one…gives me a different impression. They replaced a few actors also but overall it’s still okay =)

Mika Nakashima rocks XD


the idols unlimited doesnt let me download it!

I still want to watch it cause I want to see what happens!

I agree with you that Mika Nakashima rocks! =]]


Hi Dennis,

Im from Indonesia, so glad I hear there are people who crazzy about nana too…….. that’s mean Im not freak ( just a little bit person know about nana )……….. first time I know nana from commic but couse I bought from black market ( in Indonesia nana not available to publik couse to vulgare for the custom ) so I can’t read until finish. Soo I know the end from the movie ( down load from internet ), its hear so poor isn’t it? Any way, love to know you…… ( sorry my english so poor )


Welcome to the blog Indah, glad to have another person who loves Nana here. :-)

Martino Heino:

our way to beautiful gir. Martino Heino.


meh!! I don’t like the 2nd one too much! -.-
I love the first one though! I wish they kept the other Hachi! =[[

lol!! I love Mika Nakashima!


ciao sono una fan di nana,di firenze..
adoro nana da morire ,scusate non so scrivere in iglese…
love nana
ciao ciao


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Favoloso sia il primo che il secondo film!!!


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