1 Litre Of Tears - All Episodes Gallery

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I already have a gallery of 1 Litre of Tears, but this new one covers all 11 episodes and are screenshots I’ve taken of some of the key moments and scenes I liked the best. There’s about 50 images total. I guess they are spoilers to someone who hasn’t seen the drama already.

1 Litre of Tears - All Episodes Gallery

These are the 3 songs featured in the drama, my favorite definitely being Konayuki:

Remioromen - Konayuki

Remioromen - 3/9

K - Only Human



hello, my name fys. where i can get full direct download 1 litre tears (Not OST but film)
Thanks before.
BTW, good site.


You can download all the episodes here: http://blog.orgday.org/2006/01/24/1-litre-of-tears/

Look in the comments and you’ll see direct download links for all episodes.

Oh and thanks for the kind words.


Thanks before, but the link was dead.
Can you re-upload?
Maybe with rapidshare?
Thanks before.


I’m sorry, but I didn’t upload the episodes. And uploading all the episodes with rapidshare or any other upload site would take the longest time ever.

Are you sure you tried the correct links, because I just checked and every single of the episode links below worked for me.

ADMIN NOTE: link(s) that were here are dead and they were taking up space, so I’ve removed them.

EDIT: If that doesn’t work for you, then the entire Jdorama has been uploaded to Megaupload here: http://idols-unlimited.com/a-dairy-with-tears


i’ve download each section of the movie completely. however, when i played it the picture didnt show up. I only heard the voice (ppl’s conversation between the players). I decided to re-download it, but i still got the same result. Thanks


thank fer the links


Yes, i ‘ve got same problem with sayahebat, the conversation didn’t match with the picture(scene,slide), why?
Thanks before.


to Dennis : thanks for the links…

to sayahebat and fys : try to open the movie with VLC media player….i think it’s a freeware…
windows media player has a problem with the codec… i hope it helps….


hey i loved that drama but it was soo sad
good website and love the songs!

Kurniadi Halim:


i loved one litre of tears drama. it is so sad and made me cry on each episode that i watched. the song of them is also good as well. if you do not mind can i get those songs?
i tried to download the songs on the link but it seems it did not work Remioromen - Konayuki, Remioromen - 3/9, K - Only Human and if u do not mind can you send to my email (halimkurniadi@yahoo.com as well in format mp3?

so many thanks


Check out the comments in my other 1 litre of tears post over here: http://blog.orgday.org/2006/01/24/1-litre-of-tears/

I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. ;-)

Kurniadi Halim:

hey, i can not download the link of the song of one litre of tears especially K - Only Human, and konayuki. i can only watch the video only. can u give me the songs the link that really work?


K - Only Human:

http://www.badongo.com/file/468923 (wait 15 seconds and enter the code to download, it works I just tested it) (DEAD)

Remioromen - Konayuki:

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KWR59383 (enter code and wait 45 seconds)


this link .. is it for raw episodes (no sub)?


oh no the website went down and i was in the middle of downloading ep 5 :( ….and the show has subs…..

Ta Duy Duc:

My website -> VnGameClub.com will come back this September for only 9 days (1 -> 9)

Everybody should download as soon as posible If you want to watch this drama. And in this 9 days, My bandwidth is unlimited (ha ha ha)



I want this song and video clips


I LUV 1 LITRE OF TEARS!! Hey um dennis, thanks for the link for Only HUman by K, but my computer doesnt work with that link, can you probably upload it to another server?


Try this link here instead: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EFV6PJ3S

Hope it works for you. :-)


thanks!! :D hehe


nice….can u post the vids here…its mean the vid of ost..
i love the konayuki one…


Hi everyone,
I was searching for the 3 songs featured in the drama and found this site on the search. Just wondering here if anyone knows of any webby that i can download these 3 songs?

Thank you for reading


Hope these links work for you. :-) They should since I just tested, but get back to me if you have any problems…

Remioromen - 3/9: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JKZT3BE7

Remioromen - Konayuki: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KWR59383

K - Only Human: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EFV6PJ3S


Could you upload the music sheets to Remioromen - “Konayuki”?
Thanks in advance.
btw, thanks so much for uploading so much things!


lurve 1 LITRE OF TEARS…it makes me realize that i should appreciate the moment i have wif my family, friends and peoples around me…


Hey Dennis
Thank you for trying to upload the MP3 but so far i can only download Konayuki lol.
The other 2 song’s slots are always filled and i have no luck getting into the slot. Will try again soon >


hi… this msg goes to ’sayahebat’
did u still can’t watch 1 litre tears u download?
i want to suggest u to install the VLC program..it same like window media player..but it can play .avi file better than media player..


I loveee one litre of tears, it made me cry a lot and make me respect my life better than before T_T

and I really thank you for uploading as all the songs and videos! and if it dont bother you, would you upload remioromen’s 3/9 in yousendit or rapidshare for me? it seems all the megaupload download slots in my country is full X_X;;;

I really appreciate your efforts, and about my request, please take your time, I dont mind waiting, if you could upload it for me ^^

thank you!

much luff, sou 8D


Hi! Great website, thank you for all the uploads.

For Dennis or anyone who can help, I’ve tried links in this page and the other comment page, but I couldnt get Remioromen’s 3/9 CD’s version Mp3. I got the one taken directly from the dorama only. The megaupload’s slot is always full. Thanks a lot before.


Flying Apple:

Is it possible for you to re-link the episodes for 1 litre of tears on megaupload? Or are they now unavailable :-(



I just checked each and every one of these links below and they work. :-)

I’m not sure, but seeing as each episode has 2 parts, I think you need HJ Split to join the files.


Hey, thanks alot for uploading! I love this drama, it’s so sad, thanks again! PS If anyone wants any of the songs I have the soundtrack so email me: alexanderci@hotmail.co.uk, and Ill send them to you. Thanks again Dennis!


@ Alex
Well I can’t really take credit for uploading the files, all I did was track down working links.. but glad you enjoyed them.

Flying Apple:

Thanks Dennis for tracking down the links, really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

I tried downloading from “Idols Unlimited” but every time I tried to access the files, I would have my anti-virus screaming at me telling me there was a trojan extension to the files… :(


1 litre of tears is extreme sad story..
can sum1 compress d soundtrack n upload it..
coz i can onli download files not larger than 2mb..
too bad 4 me..
but i really wan d soundtrack..
can sum1..


hi dennis, what a nice website you have
and for your (and others) information, you need to extract the files using winrar not hjpslit.

and your gallery is also nice.
any chance for me to download the pictures from your 1LOT gallery? ;)


Thanks, appreciate it. :-)

Yeah sure, I’ve uploaded the pics in a zip file for you (or anybody else who might be interested) here: http://blog.orgday.org/wp-content/1litre.zip


hi i really cant seem to open the files. im sorry but can you send it to me in a format whereby i can watch on windows media player please? thank you!


Do you mean the pics in my comment above?

You have to unzip them using either:

a) winzip: http://www.winzip.com/
b) winrar: http://www.rarlab.com/

Then all pics will be available and you shouldn’t have to use windows media player for that. Am I missing something? :-S


I’m so sorry for not specifying. I meant the episodes bcos I cant seem to download it at megaupload. Can you please send them to me?


Oh yeah sure, that makes more sense. I’m sorry, but I won’t start uploading the files myself, because that would take me around 10-15 hours and I don’t really have the time for that right now unfortunately. And if I uploaded them to a similar service as Megaupload, how do I know if that works for you? :-(

You can download the jdorama with bittorrent. Episode 1 is here.
And then just search for the rest if you know how to use bittorrent.

I’ll look around for direct downloads though, but I don’t think they exist. We had some on this very page, but it’s expensive for the person paying for it, which is why bittorrent rocks.


I want the K Only Human song & the theme somg of One liter of Tears

Pls. It cant be downloaded from the links you have posted!

can you fix that pls. its immportant


Well I think that K - Only human IS the theme song, so I’m assuming you mean Konayuki by Remioromen?

Here are working links though:

Konayuki: http://rapidshare.de/files/36556074/remioromen_-_konayuki.mp3.html

Only Human: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EFV6PJ3S

I hope that’s what you meant.


Hi again, I have got all 11 episodes on bitcomet. But there is a problem. I can play it with sound but there is no picture. How do I fix this?


I’d suggest you use the K-Lite codec pack: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm

And also get Windows Media Player Classic (which comes with the pack) and you should be able to play everything just like me.

If that doesn’t work VLC will do the trick for you: http://www.videolan.org/


hello…just wanna ask why the episode 3 can’t be downloaded? is there other link for it? cause it said that there was a violation of their terms and services. hope to hear from you soon…thanks.


hi the link for 3/9 doesn’t work…can you upload it again pleasE? ?

Love the song a lot..thanks : )


Fixed. ;-)


what’s the total number of episodes?


@ rarukun

There’s 11 episodes.


hi guys.. i’m from INDONESIA.. n i’m currently ASHAMED, and angry with my own country’s PRODUCTION.. there’s a copy of ONE LITRE OF TEARS in INDONESIA VERSION.. everything from the trailer, even the dialog n scenes ARE COPIED!!!.. and u know wat!? D worst part, in d end of d drama, it’s stated dat it’s only fiction, n also there’s a writer who claimed dat she wrote the story!!.. i can’t just let this happen.. can anyone help me to do a protest to the FUJI TV about this plagirism by the RCTI TV on ONE LITRE OF TEARS?.. by emailing to FUJI TV.. as a fan and a person who’s been touched by the movie.. i’m really sad to see this fact.. this thing has to be stopped.. a very good story is badly retold..n d worst, it’s bein claimed by another person as a fiction!!!..


hi dennis! ~_^

well then, i havent cry for so long until… (guess wut guyz)

truly, hope every single day of life be strong by our heart! Ayasan wa (awesome) desu!


Hello, guys !

I’m looking for help. :)
Do u guys know about the song that singing together by the all the student in the middle of the movie.
(Singing by the students and composing by Aya)

If u guys knew ’bout it, please tell me where I can download the song.

Thank you so much… :D

Ali Hartono


I think that the song is 3/9 by Remioromen .


Whats the video format for the episodes? Just wondering coz i wanna dld the episodes for my PSP so i can enjoy it along my hours away from home.

btw…where can i get a dld for the OST? can anyone send me?


Forgot to leave a thankx :P


I downloaded the episodes ages ago and mine are in .avi, but I’m not sure it’s the same with the files I posted further up on this page. But either way, don’t they have to be in .mp4 to be able to play on a PSP anyway? Or am I missing something? Because if that’s true, then it really doesn’t matter what format, as you’d have to convert the files.

You can download the OST here: http://www.megaupload.com/dk/?d=NP0RPN1K

It doesn’t have the 3 songs you’re probably looking for however. At least not in the version you’ve heard on the show.

You can get ‘em here.

Konayuki: http://rapidshare.de/files/36556074/remioromen_-_konayuki.mp3.html

3/9: http://rapidshare.de/files/14978227/10._3gatsu_9ka.mp3.html

Only Human: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mauw28

I hope that helped. :-)




hey dennis.. i haf trouble downloading episode 10 part 1 of 1 litre of tears.. it says the file is corrupted.. is there any other site i can dl it? thankss



Sorry, but I don’t know of any at least. I only know a site that has episode 1-5, but that doesn’t really help you. Maybe it would be a good thing to bookmark it anyway, just in case they get the rest of the episodes done? Here it is: http://silentregrets.com/incomplete-jdramas/one-litre-of-tears.php

EDIT: Or try deleting the files and then redownloading to a new location on your computer. I find that that sometimes works for me. I’m saying this because the file sizes sounds about right, so I think they should work.


yeah.. got it.. thanks a lot

Ryan Lau:

This drama was the best I have ever seen. I haven’t cried in a long time but I cried watching every episode of this drama. I don’t think I will ever get bored of watching this.

Ryan Lau:

This drama series was the best I have ever seen. I haven’t cried in a long time but I cried watching every episode of this drama. I can’t even explain by words how I feel after watching this. I don’t think I will ever get bored watching it. I’m from Canada and I want to go to Japan now. Don’t ask me why but I just have the urge to. And I’m totally in love with Erika Sawajiri. Not like a fan but the character that she portrayed is amazing. I have this image that Erika has the same amazing personality.


I heard from a friend that this drama is really good!!
I tried watching from YouTube but the connection is not good.
Is there still links whereby I can d/l this whole drama? Either BT or direct download also can…

Thanks!! :)


oh ya, i have tried the mega upload site.. but it keep asking me to come back a few hours later… :(


Hi Cerene, you can try going to the website at www.crunchyroll.com and search for one litre of tears, they have all the episodes listed there and the connection is quite good not like the youtube ones…but you would need to register with the website first, hope this helps!


Can anyone have

Remioromen - 3/9

Romaji and english translation pls


Go to www.veoh.com, make an account then download and install te veoh player. Go to riki85 acount, here is the link: http://www.veoh.com/userVideos.html?username=riki85. On page 1 and 2 you can find the movie: 1 Litre of Tears all episode with english sub, click on an episode en download it. The quality of the movie is very good like DVD. If you have any problems send me a mail.


im newbie abaout this…
can anyone tech me, how to use the MEGAUPLOAD…

I want that K-Only Human Song…please



1) Go here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EFV6PJ3S

2) Nexr to the “Megaupload” logo type in the 3 letter code and click “download”.

3) Let it count down from 45 seconds.

4) Download and done.

Hope it helps. :-)


thank you!!!!!!!
i now enjoy that song!!


hey all!

watashi wa hiruman desu.
watashi wa indoneshiajin desu!

acctually i like this serial movie!
it’s awesome, it can make feel what aya’s going through!

in my country, there is one serial movie which has the same story.
that movie called. “BUKU HARIAN NAYLA” in english means “NAYLA’s DIARY”
ow, thats movie is so boring…
damn it!

thanks before!

mata ashita


i forgot something!

i want download all “1 Litre of tears” soundtrack!
so, where can i download the rest of the soundtrack?
i hope someone would tell me soon!



If someone need soundtrack or the whole series with eng. subs
just contact me > peterdick106@gmx.de


uumm…I can’t download it from megaupload…
I has entered the code and click “download” but after 5 minutes nothing happened

eh, what is “Javascript/ActiveScripting required..” means…???

may somebody help me???

thanks before…

sorry if my English is bad…


i downloaded the songs from you and i wanted to thank you for them.
you’re wicked ay.



thanks to dennis for uploading the eps. but the 1st part of the 3rd episode isn’t working…


i mean thanks dennis for providing the links… my bad. is there anyway you can fix it tho? thanks.


thanks dennis for providing the links to 1 litre of tears. but the 1st part of the 3rd episode aint working. it says it violated the terms and conditions and is not available. is there any way you can fix it? thanks.


[quote comment=”41176″]hey
i downloaded the songs from you and i wanted to thank you for them.
you’re wicked ay.


No problem. :-)

[quote comment=”41236″]thanks to dennis for uploading the eps. but the 1st part of the 3rd episode isn’t working…[/quote]

Direct download here: http://www.dramarific.com/1_litre_of_tears_main.html


I can’t say anything about this film,,,,

its very sad,,, i saw many sad film but i never watch until i cry every episode in 1litre of tears…

okey good luck for all



[quote comment=”41242″]Direct download here: http://www.dramarific.com/1_litre_of_tears_main.html[/quote]
AGH! it worked for the first three episodes but then when I went back for the fourth, the bandwidth screwed it over. other than megaupload, where else can I get it? watching 3 eps is not acceptable. thanks so much, dennis.


and just when you think it couldn’t get worse, megaupload has download limits. you have to wait like 150 minutes in between downloads. argh. please somebody, help.


I have been searching, but couldn’t come up with anything. Anybody? :S


well u can download directly from youtube. just copy the url and go to http://vixy.net/ to convert and download it. hope it helps

for those who wants the soundtrack u can get it from me at wenming_17@hotmail.com. jus sent me an email or add me.


@dennis: thanks for searching. dang, megaupload…grrr….

@ming: mm i could do that. im not a person who’s extremely concerned about quality but youtube falls short of my standard. thanks tho.


i really love this story . i also cried more than 1 liter of tears. i love all the 3 songs . this story is really sad . aya chan i hope you rest in peace


um… its obvious… but still. NO SPOILERS. I’m not watching until I get all the eps.


On April 5 2007 in japan, “1 litre of tears” will be broadcasted as the special version which described “the back”.
A chief character dies last. Therefore I cannot imagine a sequel.
Narumi Rico that played a younger sister of a chief character & Nishikido
ryo who was a classmate, These two people seem to become an axis of a story.
Sawajiri erika appears in a flashback, too.


hey any1 have k - only human piano sheep i really want it


hai guys…
did any1 have 3/9 (Concert By Aya’s Class)??
cuz’ i can’t download it from megaupload…..
could u upload it again to sendspace or esnips….



hi all


hi every1 doing


hey does someone know a site to download all the eps..


hello there! this drama is definitely one of the best i ever watched. youu guys should watch it too and i can guarantee that you won’t regret it. guys, if any of you have all the ost especially that 3 songs, plz email me. i would be grateful for your email then. thanks a… my email: nancydarius@gmail.com


Here are the 3 songs:

3/9: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JKZT3BE7

Only Human: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mauw28

Konayuki: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LOHYRSU4


Hey i tried downloading the episode 3 part 1 but unfortunately they say the link is no more available. But the link for download episode 3 part 2 is available. Can you check it pls? Thanks


this film make me almost cry every time… never knew drama this good do exist
n sure my country’s version of this drama is nothing, just a crap, compared to this masterpiece, thx for Wenming for sharing the song, you’ve save me :)


hey any1 know litre of tear special out already yet? well cause i just got back and fix computer


hi…..anyone knows where i can download the special episode???
thanks a lot…


Blog with HQ pictures of the SP and the whole video in parts upload in DAilymotion



Hey, i am just wondering if any of you people have different versions of the 3 songs? Can send to me pls.. changsong99@hotmail.com … Thanks..


any1 know were i can download 1 litre of tear special





heya um…can ani one tell me where u can watch 1 litre of tears special i cant find it aniiwhere i talks about a year or so after aya dies and that harutor becomes a docter can anyone tell me where we can watch it and with english sub..? million thanX


hey guys what happen to this website


i cant go in download movie….

well if any1 know what happen.. or any new website download 1 litre of tear without use bit torrent…

cause i nly know this website http://www.dramarific.com/1_litre_of_tears_main.html

but know i cant go in wont let me


were can i download 1 litre of tears special plz email me



hello i am from indonesia, i like this film because the story is good & true. make me cry & cry.soryy my english is bad.


where can i get the SPECIAL ?


dont know im looking for 1 too


hey! cn sb send me de three songs? i dun haf megaupload =)


cn send me thru my email coffeentea_4@hotmail.com
thx =)

1 litre of tears... « More Than Words:

[…] For more information please click here : http://blog.orgday.org/2006/03/06/1-litre-of-tears-all-episodes-gallery/ […]


Anybody here knows where I can download the english Subs for the 1 litre of tears special episode?

Thanks alot
please email me at sweettrini_gyul@hotmail.com


where can i find one litre of tears movie version?


im waiting for 1 litre of tear special episode for download i need sub english too


I just need the srt. file for the special episode. I can always adjust the timing on my own. If only I could find it. If not, Kioku Koseki is fansubbing it, until its finished I’ll download it from them instead.


Hey you guys, do you know where I can get the litre of tears special with english subs? :( I’m dying to see it! ~Thanks so much


were can i get download 1 litre of tear special… plz tell me

Yamato Kira:

oi, thanx

Does anyone have a konayuki and 3 gatsu 9 ka music video ?
Please tell me if you have it. And how to download it.

Thank you ne.

Yamato Kira:

Request :
Konayuki and 3gatsu 9 ka music video.

Email me :



hai….does anyone know where to download 1 litre of tears special scene remniniscene(or the movie i mean) with english sub…??
please email me tz_8930@yahoo.com..


i need to know were download special 1 litre of tear.. email me tvbtheme@hotmail.com


from movies i have ever seen one litre of tears is inspiring and touching movie


Hey everyone, check this out…

I’ve set up a forum for Orange Days everybody! Go check it out and please register to post and let’s get a community going. :-)

Go here: http://forum.orgday.org/

Ann Othman:

Hi, try Veoh.com. Ihat’s where I downloaded 1 litre tears special. But it is in RAW version, anyone knows where can I get the sub for this? softsub or hardsub isn’t matter. Thank you


Hi,everyone I’m Really ashamed my favourite TV show,One Litre of Tears was copied by my own country(Indonesia). N also at the end of the film it was written that it was fiction,I’m really mad with this. D scenarios n d scenes was same, almost no differences. D copier of One Litre of Tears Indonesian Version even be written as the narator of the story. Wow that’s totally a bad news!


one litre of tears is a very sad drama. it makes me cry everytime i watch it. n also something that i can’t believe is my naughtiest friend cried seing this drama. this drama make me realized that i have to thank so much of a healthy body and to appriciate every person around me.


Hi, i’m from indonesia
i wanna say it was the first time of my life i watched movie’s wich so sad, until now i still can’t forget the sadnes of this film, by the way where i can get the lyrics (Only Human and Konayuki) and the cord of those song?
sorry my english is bad..


I like this drama very much. So, if you have pocture about that, share to me at kinneas_h2o@yahoo.com. Thank’s alot friend


Download K-Lite Codec Pack to watch this, it also plays all type of other fles


dennis do his best job on this orange day site


thank u soo much, dennis!!


Bwt orang indonesia
Yang punya filmnya ichi no namida
Uploadin di server lokal donkz
misalnya di gudangupload.com


hey i found 1 litre of tear music in chinese


Halo. can anyone tell me where can i download 1 litre of tears(only human) mp3? i really wanna listen to it. Such a sad and sendimental song. :D

my email–> blurdon@hotmail.com


hi everyone
I really heard alot about this drama and I want to download it but nothing from what you all said work with me can anyone send the these episodes or help me to download it
please answer me on my e-mail
thank you sooooooooo much


hi everyone
I really heard alot about this drama and I want to download it but nothing from what you all said work with me can anyone send the these episodes or help me to download it
please answer me on my e-mail (rorogirl_3000@hotmail.com)
thank you sooooooooo much


hi rola try this wep sit …… you cant download but you can see the episodes on line


robi _ uae ^_^


Oh this is nice… Good work Dennis! :D


hey dennis, do u hve the link 4 megaupload one litre of tears, episode 3 part 1? coz the link u gave previously doesnt work, but the part 2 does… thanks ^^


In Indonesia, “1 Litre of Tears” is copied to be antoher film with the inspiration taken from it. The name of the film is “Buku Harian Nayla” or in English, we can say “Nayla’s Diary”. Near the end, “Aya” married with “Haruto” in “Buku Harian Nayla”, it seems so different from the original “1 Litre Of Tears”. They married and after that “Aya” died.That is sucks. And the players especially the girls are not pretty. The Japanese version has girls prettier than the Indonesian version.




guy..i’ve just watched this superbly-flattered story…i wish to read aya’a diary..i heard that it has been sold nearly 18 millions copy..so,i want to have it one badly..so,guys..can u help me where can i find this diary??it is available at anybookstore?can u name it???i’m from malaysia..thanx..


i m so in love wif this drama…can u pls tell me where i can download da sp wif engsub????…..i’ve been looking for it for ages…….thanks in advance….^.^


Hola como van?? soy de Per y la verdad es que este drama me ha hecho llorar 1000 litros de lagrimas es de verdad muy bueno y hace reflexionar un monton! de verdad que me he quedado enganchada de el y wow!! no dejo de pensar en el verdadero valor de la vida con esto.


Hey Dennis,
Do you know where else I can dl the MV to K’s Only Human. I want it but I don’t want to go through the hassel of dl’ing from Veoh.
Thanks, I appreciate what uyou’ve done so far.
Cheers, Leyene.


Hi, I’m from Peru.
I have the complete R2 Set of Ichi.. in the last DVD, we can find the Only Human Video, I going to rip it and upload

Be tuned

hms uae:


I want to downlod the 1 liter of tears and i dont no how to downloding ?



Does anybody know where I can download the special? Raw, subbed it doesn’t matter. heavymist@gmail.com


Hey, all!

I stumbled upon this site while looking for the subbed special of 1LOT. No success, yet! But to all of you who kept asking for links to MP3s and whatnot, you can just go to esnips.com - get an account - and download for free. Users there have downloaded the OST, though they are all single downloads that don’t take very long.

To Dennis : It’s amazing how you haven’t gotten tired keeping a website up like this. And if you are, you hide it very well. Good luck with your website! It’s awesome. :]


Thanks for letting everybody know kuri. :-)

Well sometimes I do get a bit tired if running into the same question over and over again like where to download the songs and episodes. But then I think about how happy I am that people actually take the time to visit my blog.

And I appreciate people like yourself who take over my work sometimes, it’s amazing to experience a community who help each other out and are friendly to total strangers like this. I think that’s because we all have one thing in common: love for Aya and the show. ;-)


Hi people i have watched the series 1 liter of tears and i loved it. for the first time in my life i really cried like a sissy but anyhow i would really love to watch the special with english subtitles. so could anybody help me out i would really appreciate it.

thanks a lot you can send a reply to me on my email aby_aradia@hotmail.com thank you



i’ve watched 1 liter of tears and i would like to say this drama is so good this is the only drama that ever made me cry >


Hi dennis.
i’ve watched all of the 1 litre of tears episodes
but theres this special episode after that goes for about 3 hours..
after ayas death.
its about haruto going blind and working at the place were aya died
do you know were to watch it
or the title of it?
pleeeease reply back


can anybody send me the soundtrack of one litter of tears?


i can’t download it through megaupload…


i’m dying for all the songs….


i cant seem to download the songs from megaupload too…


Hey guys,

This is an AWESOME series.

I have all the songs from 1 Litre of Tears, so if anyone has trouble with downloading them from websites, feel free to email me @ azn.moe@hotmail.com

I’ll send them to you!


Hi all!

Beautiful site!



I think there’s something wrong with my computer. I can’t open your All Episodes Gallery. I tried clicking on the picture and the link but, they won’t work. Help?


Hi all,

OMG .. Desperatly want Video Clip 1 LOT .. Hiks .. hiks

anyone can give video klip 1. 3/9 remioromen
2. Only Human

Pliz e-mail me : cimot_san@yahoo.com



Hi Dennis,
I remember coming coming here a long time ago and you had your all episodes gallery for 1Lot up.

Is it possible to up them again please? I’m feeling nostalgic abt this drama agn.
They were simply the most astounding images from the drama on all of the www.
Thanks and muchly appreciated. =)



I’ll see what I can do, don’t really know why they don’t work anymore. And thanks I’m glad you enjoyed them. I handpicked them and chose what I thought were the key moments of the series and quite like them too. :-)


hi, does anyone knows how to download 1 liter of tears english subtitles. do appreciate those who provide me link for the sub… ty. for more info the type of file for this movie is real video vbr.


oh thanks for looking over my request Dennis.

i’ll wait patiently but do please let me know too when u have put them up agn since I don’t want to miss it a second time. =(

btw, here’s some recent news on Erika Sawajiri:

poor girl lol, she’s roused up so many funny criticism these past few days.



I’ve been busy, so sorry for not getting back to you. I tried to access the gallery and a few others the other day and they wouldn’t work, I’m not sure why. I’ll talk to my brother. He’s the one who takes care of server related stuff - when it’s beyond what I know that is. I hope to get this working soon. :-)


well…i’m really enjoyed watching dis muvie..really sad..but interesting…
u all can download all of dis drama soundtrack by using ARES….its quite easy..
but plz help me to find da lyrics all of dis muvie soundtrack…thanks…



I really love 1 littre of tears! I have cried!!! Very often!!!

Finally i have the special!!! But its in RAW!!!!!! :-( Does somebody know where i can download the english subs for it???

Please, help me!!!!!


As far as I know, Kioku Fansubs are still working on the 1LoT SP hardsub so we’ll all have to wait a bit longer. =)


hai… can anyone tell me where can i download one litre of tears- special episode??? plezz.. sent me an email… eastma_afira@yahoo.co.uk… ThanX


In case anybody didn’t notice, the 1 Litre of Tears SPECIAL is out: http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_55150.htm


can i kn0w wh0 da actress and da act0r of dis drama!!
i l0ve them s000o much!!
plizz tell me!


Sawajiri Erika = Ikeuchi Aya
Nishikido Ryo = Asou Haruto

You can find out more here: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Ichi_Ritoru_no_Namida


can i hav da lyrics of konayuki and 3/9


To anybody who’s looking for the 1 Litre of Tears gallery, it’s up now!


thanks Dennis! Kudos to you.


They have One Litre of Tears on www.crunchyroll.com.
Just create an account, and you can watch it for free!


Hey guys, me again. =D

If anyone is still looking for the 1 Litre of Tears SPECIAL EPISODE with ENGLISH SUBS, you can find the full thing on Veoh: http://www.veoh.com/videos/v1502058EweNbSFZ

Hope that helped~!


i just found out about this drama and it’s pretty good so far. can someone relink ep 3 (parts 1 adn 2), ep 7 part 2, and episode part 8 on megauppload again.. i tried clicking on those links and it said that the file expired already.. much thanks.


where can i get all the episodes with spanish sub?T_T



Hmm I’m not even sure if that exists? I tried searching on Google, but didn’t find anything. Does anyone here know whether Spanish subs exists or not?


i think this serie is very touching especially for those who know that life is something precious and that only good friends and relatifs can support one during his life difficulties .am from Morocco but i like the japaness series full of wisedoom ; moral lessons and also emphisizing on the good things in life such as love peace friendship family ties and the list is long


Good post rachid and I couldn’t agree more :-)

dian rosalia noormala:

please send me 1 litre of tears movie all episode.coz dont know how to download this film.please give me the film…thanks


yo i post my pic … o my god this story very touching damn sad i like this episode is best damn i hope every got great health…. sup. sadness everywere even family.. but u got be cheer up dont be sad specialy family die i know is really sad but u can sad only 1 day got be cheer up next day u cant be sady forever… reach ur goal or dream make it come true.. try help disable people lol.. i wish i can help them too. but i know every1 busy lol.. but dont make fun of people disable unless u or crazy or nut.. this movie tell you reach ur goal and dream.. thats whats im try doing reaching my goal.. peace all.. im try learn more about deaf sign language pretty cool stuff to learn… peace all anything new let me know


Hey guys here’s the megaupload links for the Special Episode:
They are RAR files so don’t play it until there all extracted :)



Hi Dennis! Sorry to ask a question thats been asked so many times, but how do you download the episodes from megaupload? I downloaded ep1 pt1, but when i go to open it, an error comes up, saying that i “need to start extraction from a previous vlume to unpack [Kioku] 1 Litre of Tears - 01.avi” what does this mean, and how can i fix it? Thank You soo much! :)


Do you know how to download the soundtrack in mp4? I want to burn it. I only have media player. It won’t burn mp3.


please tell me as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!


oh, i forget. By soundtrack i mean the piano version of konayuki.

Please put down as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



@Brianna - Does the file end in .001? If so, did you download all parts of that episode? You are supposed to just HJSplit (Download here: http://hjsplit.en.softonic.com/) and combine the files after you finish downloading. You can’t play the file until you do.


i really love this drama and it’s really sad. i cry a lot when i watch this drama. i know how she feel by having that illness. i wonder what the guy look like the real one. don’t get confuse i ment the guy who give her a ride to school on his bike.i bet he probably is old now and married to some and already have kids or he might be pass away already . that’s all i wanted to say


I really love the story..it is inspiring^^


i need english subtilte for 1 litre of tears special. could someone help me???


you can watch the ep if 1 litre of tears wiyh english subs on my soju.com


truly “one litre of tears” is so tuoching….
after i watch the drama i realize many thing..

naoko なおこ:

Gigasize link, all episodes in 100mb each.


English Subs


One liter of tears is so addictive. Even if it’s my third time repeating the movie, I still feel the same way I felt when I saw the movie for the first time. It’s very touching and very very nice. Hope that there will be a movie like this again sometime this year. Erika Sawajiri’s so cute btw hahaha.


hay naku…grave..

nakakabaliw talaga ang one litre of tears….

ang galing ng mga gumaganap….

nauna na akong nanood sa mysoju bago pa man ito ipalabas sa GMA..

at wow…i really admire the drama….

ang cute ni erika doon..



ah i don’t know what to say just adding comment jekekek!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hate this day! can’t play all about eve episodes to you tube!!!


i hate this day! can’t play all about eve & one liter of tears episodes to you tube!!!


i hate this day! can’t play all about eve & one liter of tears episodes to you tube!!!


hi nko masa2bi kolang
ang gnda tlaga
ng one litre of tears!
inggit nanga ko kay
aya kac crush ko
kac c haruto eh!!!!
pro mnood
kau lgi ng one litre of tears!!!!!!!!
naka2iyak grbe!!


Can anyone please reupload part 3 .001??
The link is expired!! I dont know about the rest but any one please


where and how can i download all the episodes? wish i cud just buy my own dvd copy here in the philippines but i don’t know if there’s any



try downloading episode 3 here..




very good you don’t have a lyrics


I cant download part 1 of episode 3, could someone reupload it please?


i love this drama but,someone has stolen my VCD,could someone help me to give me an address to download it?


i have a favor..can someone please re-upload the episode 3 part 1 link?
i really wish for somebody to help me.

i have tried the each link above but nothing works.
please please

arigato ^^

Ammar Alfe:

i cant re-upload the episode, but i searched the internet and found these links, i hope it will help you..

**this is only one part 350MB

or u can try:



hope it will work, cause its really a must see drama

watch Justin Bieber Never Say Never online:


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at blog.juno3.com have a mirror or another source?


ipad accessories griffin:

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.



hai guys , b4 this i already heard about this drama but not really interested to watch it..after 2years this drama release (OMG) coincidentally i watch this great drama on my sister’s notebook..AND YES!! i falling love with this wonderful drama!!! even i had been laugh by my sisters due to late watching this drama but i fell grateful..perhaps after graduated i can help alot of patients :P


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i love this movie so much . I I watch always cry when I wach it . just because the story is reall I felt that the 11 episode is part of my life.I will always remember this movie my hole life


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