Kingdom Hearts 2 [English]

Here’s the English trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2 featuring Utada Hikaru’s Passion, which now is called Sanctuary after it was translated to English.

Head over to my good friend Kendra to get a good overview of interviews with the voice actors as well as her thoughts on them. It’ll make for an interesting watch if you’re a fellow fan of Kingdom Hearts.

The game should be released at the end of March in the US. When it comes to Europe I’m not so sure. I don’t hope that’s May 26 release date is true.


Keyblade_master uk:

The video is absolutely good, and the song is good, but not as good as japaneese version, but is good for a change and is as good as simple and clean.

loves sora & riku:

this is a great clip! i cant wait for kingdom hearts 2 to come out! i;m a big fan! and its just 3 days away!^_^



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