Shinobi - Heart Under Blade

I just saw Shinobi (Heart Under Blade) and thought it was pretty entertaining. I’m usually not into movies that don’t take place nowadays but it was pretty good. Here’s a plot summary:

Shinobi centers on the drama resulting from the war between two ninja clans in the early part of the Tokugawa era. In the film, Nakama Yukie portrays Oboro, the granddaughter of Ogen (Lily), the respected Iga clan matriarch, while Odagiri Jo plays Gennosuke, the son of Danjo Koga (Minoru Terada), the powerful Koga clan leader. While living deep within the mountains, the two ninja clans have honed their skills to superhuman levels. Unfortunately, the clans do not get along and are forbidden by imperial decree from sharing their techniques with each other. Viewing the two ninja clans as a threat to his scheme for total domination, the nefarious Nankobo Tenkai (Ishibashi Renji) plots to intensify the rivalry between the two clans. Nakobo creates a contest in which the clans are forced to choose five of their best warriors to participate. The battle, however, isn’t just a friendly contest - it’s a duel to the death!

A scene from the movie, which I thought was cool.

Two reasons made me watch the movie. The first one is the awesome soundtrack Heaven by Ayumi Hamasaki, which played through the incredible trailer. But I also wanted to see the movie because of Erika Sawajiri, who played Aya on the extremely powerful and great drama 1 Litre of Tears, so after immediately (well had to Google her to make sure, but still) recognizing her in the trailer I knew I had to see this. Even though I didn’t get to see that much of her it’s still worth it ;-)

Here’s the awesome trailer:

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Can i download this movie i haven`t watch this movie yet… i’m a big fan of erika and hope i can download this movie for free .. thanks


I loved this movie when i saw it in my jap class.

THe ending was so sad. T___T.


I have not seens it, but the summary and the trailer reminds me of this one Japanese ninja animation. The story seems to fit will together. If only I remember the animation title.


was it naruto? and does any1 no were i can download dis movie 4 free :D


the anime was basilisk


Odagiri Joe, the male lead, is incredible in this movie. And, I too watched this movie initially only because I saw that Sawajiri Erika is in it. Her role is disappointing but the lead characters made up for it. Great movie.

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