Marimba Ponies

Saw this on Rocketboom earlier today:

An internationally renowned music group comprised of 10 young percussionnists ranging from 4 to 12 years in age. The primary objective of the group is to foster goodwill and friendship through the universal language of music.No conductors or music sheets are used by the Marimba Ponies.The music is memorized completely and flows out of their own individual rhythms and emotions.The Marimba Ponies have given highly acclaimed concerts atCarnegie Hall and Apollo Theater in New York. They have played at the Vienna Musikverein and the Warsaw Chopin Music Academy.They have been warmly received by audiences and critics alike for their dynamic performances. The prancing animation of the young musicians is the source of their name, Ponies.



I have watched the short video and want to purchase a DVD/ and/or video casset. Where can this happen…John In Payson, AZ

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