Who Said That Books Are Boring?

I’m currently re-reading Battle Royale, well to tell the truth I didn’t exactly finish it the first time around after I got home from Ireland last year. I meant to, though. The movie is probably my favorite movie of all time, and so far the novel is equally awesome. Something I read last night stayed with me.

Page 47, line 15:

“The soldier pumped two bullets into Mr. Hayashida’s head. The rest of Hayashida’s head flew apart. The high powered bullets tore apart his brains and bones which formed a bloody mist and splattered all over the faces and chests of the students in the front row.
The echoes from the gunfire subsided. There was hardly any trace of Hayashida’s head.
The solder tossed Hayashida’s body to the side of the lectern. No one was screaming.

42 students remaining

Who said that books are boring? Not me… well not anymore at least!


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