Nana is HUGE in Japan, or at least was around the theatrical release in September 2005. The manga, which the live action movie is based on, is the most popular manga ever and has sold more than 22 million copies around the world. But what really made it clear to people just how big it is, was when it became the first franchise in history to reach number 1 in the rankings for manga, movies and music… all at once!

It’s about these two girls, who’re both called Nana, but have very different personalities. Nana Oosaki is in a punk rock band and wants to make it big. Nana Komatsu on the other hand is cute and cheerful, but have a tendency to fall in love much too quickly.

I SO want to see this movie, but so far it hasn’t been possible. I guess I’ll have to wait until the DVD is released sometime next month. I hear mid-March for a release with English subtitles anyway. Assuming that the versions will be similar to the Japanese ones I might have to settle with the Standard Edition:

Instead of the Special Edition, no matter how good it looks with its theatrical trailers, TV spots, “making of” documentary, unreleased live band performances, 44-page color booklet and character postcard set.

It’s $37 vs. $60 and at the end of the day I’m not willing to shell out the latter on a blind buy. A very nice looking blind buy though. :cry:

The subtitled trailer can be found below, featuring two very nice songs: Glamorous Sky by Mika Nakashima (who plays punk chick Nana) and Endless Story by Yuna Ito.


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