Messenger 8 Beta

First of all I gotta give a shout out to Kyle over at Pixel Polarity for kindly giving me an invite to try out the Messenger 8 Beta.

My first impression? I don’t know if I’m biased because of the whole new orange theme it now has, but it looks really really good.

The features:

Your Contacts

* Unified Contacts
* !600 Messenger Contacts
* Word Wheel
* Edit your contact’s Info
* !Nicknames (Rename your contacts)

The Art of Instant Messaging

* !Offline IMs
* !Conversations While Appearing Offline
* !Time Stamps

Messenger Face Lift

* Orange
* !Pick Your Color
* !Toning it Down
* Display Picture Functionality
* Frameless Menu Entry
* !Fixed Scrolling


* How-to
* Safety
* Updating Files
* Multiple Computers
* Size Doesn’t Matter
* With whom?

Computer-2-Phone Calling

* !Cheap and easy
* Crystal Quality
* MCI Partnership

Windows Live Video Integration

* See the latest Videos

But all in all it doesn’t really feel that much different, but I’m glad I finally had an opportunity to check it out and will definitely continue to test and use it.



hi do you have any invites for the beta 8 if so please can have one i am a very keen hacker of the msn programme and i develop hax to makeit better like unlimeted nudgeing and so on but noone has a copy so if you would kindly offer it i wil let u test my hacks first


It’s been sent!


thanx i’ll keep u posted :)


ok i’ve made a trial programme for unlimeted nudges and mulltiple msn’s i also got the message limit up to 5000 so jsut give me your e-mail and i will sne du the instaler


Sounds cool scott! :-)
Didn’t take you long..

Here ya go: azzwipe at gmail dot com


k i’m having some problems on the uplaoding side of it:( , it seems it only works on my msn because i have the base files from my other msn 7.5 hacks i am now trying to determine which files it uses and how to work them into a pre-loader b4 the 8.0 version sorry fro getting the hope up should take no longer then a doy or so lest u have the suspence :)


Ok that’s perfectly fine, just take the time that you need to get it to work..

Huho H. Landaverry C.:

I want install messenger beta 8.0


when I tried beta eight; it didn’t work, I coun’t see my contact list. and it wouldn’t load it up probly.

Lee Dempsey:

d/loaded it and it would not let me log on to any off my hotmail account or my wife’s
well gutted when is this due out i want to play with it
lee out


Did you use crack or did you get an invite? I haven’t heard of anyone unable to login when they got an invite. Maybe it’s your firewall or something?

Anyway.. all I’ve heard about the release date is “later this year”..


y dont u guys jus dwnload ure msn beta version den install da a-patch for it 4 da unlimeted nudges and mulltiple msn’s n alot more… go 2 dis site n dwnload it


i want to change my email address but don’t know how,can you please send me a link for me to change it.
regards joelle


I think there might be something for you here:


heloo i want msn8@) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Go here:

Abdul Ghafar Raihani:

i really wana download the msn messenge because to chat wiht my friends.

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