I’ve got 20 19 invites, so reply to this post with your e-mail address if you want to try out the Newsvine private beta.

Newsvine is a place for you to discover news faster and more smoothly than anywhere else.

If you’re just into reading, you’ll find thousands of Associated Press articles posted and indexed faster than any site on the web. If you’d like to discuss the news, you’ll find places to chat and comment within every article. If you’d like to write your own column - and collect ad revenue from it - Newsvine will publish it for you. And finally, if you’d like to create your own public trail of interesting stories you’ve read around the web, seeding Newsvine is for you.

On the Newsvine website, you can vote for stories and comment and even live chat about every article.

It’s easy and fun. Whenever you see an article you really like, you just press the “Seed Newsvine” button you’ve installed, just like you did with coComment and it will be readily available for others to read and talk about. It’s a quick and efficiant way of spreading news.

After you’ve seeded a link/post you can go check out your history, to get a quick overview of the things you’ve done so far.

You can also run your own column, so now I have, where I can share news with others. If you already have a blog and don’t want to give that up, then submitting your own full articles is perfectly fine. But you can’t self-seed, since it’s self-promoting.

I really like Newsvine already. I honestly feel like I have all the worlds information and news right here at home. Newsvine looks and feels great, so do yourself a favor and join.

UPDATE: It really is awesome. I randomly found some news I thought was cool and already have 11 votes and 7 comments.


Marla Erwin:

Yes, I would really like an invite. Thanks!!


It’s been sent! Hope you enjoy..

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