Michael’s Rolling Archives

Thanks to Michael and Zeo I now have the wonderful Rolling Archives installed. Just scroll down to the bottom and have a look.

I’ve tested it on 4 different web browsers:

  • Firefox My primary browser. Works like a charm.
  • Flock 0.4.10: Was my primary browser for a while, but felt like it was unstable at times and causes my computer to freeze frequently when opening to many tabs. Works perfectly since it’s based on Firefox.
  • Opera 8.51: No problems here.
  • Internet Explorer 6: Looks awful and doesn’t work. That’s IE for ya.

    I’m not quite there yet with the plugin. I want to install the 2 columns modded plugin, so I can have comments on the left side, which just looks beautiful. But I won’t change this until I know how to properly implement it, as it wouldn’t work on my first attempt. At all. So I’m gonna have to read up on how to do that.

    But I’m more than content with it for now. :D



    Don’t worry. It will be all fine and dandy soon. :)

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